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I can’t believe that a few weeks ago I wrote how happy I was to be releasing the chaos of 2019 and moving into the New Year with LIGHT

When I mentioned the whole idea of letting go - I was referring to the things that we Don’t cherish.

The things that we LOVE are the precious things that oftentimes we fight to hold on to … and then sometimes, we're then reminded that we can't always win every battle.

Those of you who’ve been on this list for a while know all about my beloved Shakti Cat

You may recall her adventures from last spring where she went missing for 30 days. And miraculously we found her again!

It breaks my heart to have to share that as a result of a kidney complication, we had to say goodbye to her last Monday.

(we also discovered that Shakti the wonder cat only had one kidney!)

To be honest, it's hard to talk about it. I’m finally emerging from the fog and maybe even feeling stronger day by day

But It’s hard to feel a full fledged woot woot Happy New Year!

I could choose not to share what's really going...

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Letting Go and Letting in the Light ….

“It was the Best of Times, It was the Worst of Times” lol!

This year for me has felt like an ongoing tornado that threw me from one life drama / crisis to the another

Betwixt and Between my old car flooding and getting totaled, Shakti’s disappearance and the recent theft .... there has also been a fair amount of personal stuff - helping family as well as handling my own emotional well being.

But here’s the crux of it - With the multiple storms that hit - It seems that each one also blessed me with a prosaic rainbow ….. a 'new' car, a 'new' computer, and a renewed faith in the power of miracles :)

However, I’m not here to preach about how things happen for a reason.....

What I’ve been mulling on recently is the idea of a creating clean slate and the power of learning to let sh*t go

We carry so much from year to year and the stuff increases for each revolution we take around the sun

I was starting to feel like, “Damn, it’s too much to keep up...

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I like to be an avid reader.

Oftentimes life gets busy and it becomes hard to keep up BUT I find that reading is wonderful way to unwind my brain & destress. Lately, I’ve decided to embrace busyness doing the things that I LOVE!

I especially enjoy fiction - escaping into another world - journeying into a story with twists and turns

and occasionally ? I come across beautiful wisdom

Such is the case in the quote I’m sharing below

“It struck her now that maybe she needed to let go a bit more often - to try and yes, occasionally to fail. To accept that life is messy and sometimes mistakes are made. That sometimes they’re not even really mistakes because life isn’t linear and it comprises countless small and large decisions every day ….

Maybe, just maybe,

things weren’t as black and white as she had always believed …

Life was long. Being a human wasn’t easy.”

-Kate Morton "The Clockmakers Daughter"



“When the voice and the vision on the inside is more profound, and more clear and loud than all opinions on the outside, you've begun to master your life.”

What’s an NJ singer-songwriter-yogi-electronic music gal like me doing adoring the heck out of a jazz-blues-funk-soul piano player from New Orleans?

It’s simple…

I am In Awe …

I heard Dr. John for the first time back in NYC and from that moment on … I was in ‘love’ with his music, his legendary craft and his larger than life persona.

Also, I find his words and his expression to be gritty, wise and real on a core level that we don’t often experience in todays photoshop world.

As he would say, "I Dig It!"

Talking about him, sharing his words and his music is my reminder to self to stay true (and to pass on some inspiration to You!)



Oftentimes, we go through things in life - we process them deeply, gain wisdom and then life keeps moving so our brains move on as well. The experience of recovering Shakti was such a powerful one that I’m striving to continue to bring the lessons learned into my daily life.

In my last update I talked about the plausibility of manifesting miracles

One of my dear atheist pals in New Mexico, said that rescuing my missing cat after 30 days wasn’t a miracle …. She said “Look at all YOU did to bring Shakti back home”

I love my friend and I acknowledge that insight :)

However you choose to look at it,

I think either mindset is relevant to the our ability to manifest or get things done!

To be honest, I was surprised by how the loss of Shakti affected my spirit as well as the level of worry I felt knowing she was out there somewhere, perhaps in danger but I was unable to find her. It’s amazing how we are able to push ourselves to extremes when we are hell bent on achieving a result. And most especially when we are...

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Is there a science to miracles? New thought authors would probably say yes, it’s all about focusing our thoughts, the quantum field, visualization and mindset. And if it's good enough for a scientist like Einstein well then there's got to be some merit...

The positive part of me has always believed anything is possible but the dubious part of me has always thought, "yeah, great thought, but how can that work…..??"

Below is my tale of a recent miracle in action that I experienced. I wanted to share this story to inspire YOU and also to remind myself that it’s possible for miracles to become our reality ….

On April 9th, 2019 my beloved cat, Shakti went missing. Shakti is an indoor cat with no previous interest of exploring the great outdoors. We’re pretty sure her ‘escape’ was an accident that resulted from a loose window screen while she was basking in the sun on a windowsill.

As I sit here calmly seeing her curled up on the floor - it’s hard to bring my emotions back to the pure panic, anxiety and grief I felt during the time she was MIA.



“Until we can receive with an open heart, we're never really giving with an open heart. When we attach judgment to receiving help, we knowingly or unknowingly attach judgment to giving help.”

- Brene Brown, "The Gifts of Imperfection"

On April 9th, 2019, my beloved fluff, feline angel went missing.

It is now officially week 4 in my journey of pet recovery. And I must admit, this situation has been one of the most harrowing experiences I’ve been thru …. (and I’ve seen a lot of dirt!)

However, this search has also offered me some powerful insights & lessons.

One of the most incredible ones has been: The Kindness of People.

My heart is deeply touched by the caring and assistance that people have showed me. Words cannot express my gratitude for the support of both my friends and total strangers.

Along the way, every door I knocked on was receptive and helpful. Every friend with whom I spoke was loving & understanding. Every stranger with whom I shared my situation was sympathetic. We postered...


Last night I was talking with some friends and I shared this quote in the context of our conversation. It got me thinking about a few things…. How our early influences (like teachers) can shape our beliefs, our perceptions of right/wrong and our perceived limitations.

My friend was discussing that in 3rd grade he was given an assignment - to color triangles in specific colors. Instead of choosing one color he layered different shades of the assigned color into each triangle. I thought that was pretty creative for a 3rd grader. Apparently the teacher did not. She gave him an F.

Times have changed and I think that nowadays, most teachers today are a little more encouraging.

However, I think that most of us have a “John Lennon” story - meaning a childhood moment when we did something creative & outside the box and someone said, “That’s Wrong.”

As kids we don’t know the “rules.” There is such a beauty in our innocence and raw imagination. It can affect us deeply when someone says, “You can’t do that….”

When we hear “No” too many times as...


Years ago when I was going through some big shifts in my life, a friend sent me this beautiful excerpt.

Sometimes we forget the power of transformation - allowing our preconceived notions of what is, to dissolve and giving our spirits permission to come together again, anew


I was searching some sparkle as I sat down to write this note. I dearly wanted to reach out and the send some love to you, my beautiful ones, but I was feeling very much like, I don’t know what to say ….

Journaling a bit helped me to realize that perhaps I am dealing with some February Blahs


Last weekend, I played a favorite song that I hadn’t shared in a while. It’s a special one because it was co-written with 2 of my favorite artist friends from Taos. A few years ago I was asked to participate in an Ekphrasis which is an event where writers / poets ‘comment’ or create a poem / story based on a visual piece of art.

I was given a poem and a painting and asked to write a song.

The Painting by Tera Muskrat was called, “Channeling Georgia." (see above!)

And the Poem by Jen Acampora was called, "EROS: Georgia's Poem"

It’s interesting that Georgia’s spirit has often been such an inspiration in my life. As a child, I used to marvel at a picture book about her that my mother had a on our living room coffee table. As I grew up, I fell in love with her art. And my first solo trip to NM was planned around a visit to her house in Abiquiu. I ended up in Taos only by happenstance, because it was a nearby place to stay. And well, we all know that I ended up adoring NM :)) Coincidentally, a similarity to Georgia - she was also an NYC girl gone rogue to the...


“Guess I’ll make a resolution, that I’ll never make another one, just enjoy this ride on my Trip Around the Sun” ("trip around the sun" written by Al Anderson, Stephen Bruton & Sharon Vaughn)

I love that song and that quote because in actuality, I’m not a fan of resolutions.


As the Christmas Song goes… these weeks between Christmas and Thanksgiving are to some, “The Most Wonderful Time of the year!” However, for some, they are also the most hectic time of the year. Life goes into high gear & for many of us it can be super overwhelming. Here’s some common causes and quick solutions to help you navigate the chaos and keep you from getting HolidaZed…


So it’s Thanksgiving! It's a good reminder to take a moment and simply embrace the idea of Giving Thanks.

In many spiritual traditions - the simple act of consciously giving gratitude is seen as one of the most powerful ways to

  • Raise our vibration
  • Incite healing
  • Attract prosperity
  • Create a positive mindset

This has been a year of learning to #ShineAgain! As well as the unexpected blessing of creating Tranquil Light - my first self-produced album project with label support!

I tend to have a lot of pots on the fire at once. And ….

Sometimes an area where I fall short is getting out, celebrating and embracing the *FUN* factor of life. Truth be told, I am a workaholic and I prefer time alone writing, making music and playing in my home studio. Yes, either of those things can constitute big fun for me on Friday night LOL

Dr. Suess-2.jpg

Some people love the change of seasons, but for others the shift to less sunshine and cold weather can bring on the blues in a big way. It’s called Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD.

Unfortunately, I know a bit about this because well…. I am one of those people.

I often deal with a Blue Period that starts in September & subsides in early November. One of the diagnosis points with SAD vs depression is that it will occur for people annually at the same time every year. Interestingly, for some people it can even happen in the summer…..

Some other symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder*:

Mood: anxiety, apathy, general discontent, loneliness, loss of interest, mood swings, or sadness

Sleep: excess sleepiness, insomnia, or sleep deprivation

Behavioral: irritability or social isolation

*Taken from Mayo Clinic.

So, now that we...


For those of you who are new to this list, you may not know that one of my passions in life is Yoga/ Meditation. I taught for a long time and stopped a few years ago because my schedule became so booked with music coaching students.

People have often asked me, are you ever going to do a yoga record? The idea of marrying my 2 passions of music & yoga, had always appealed to me, however, the concept for a record and the time create it always felt daunting. As you know, my updates often focus on how to pare things down in life.

Final Cover 3BR.jpg

So usually I'm pretty efficient at sending a Hello every other week....

And I know this is my in between one BUT I had a few things here that I just couldn't wait to share!

This past weekend marked the release of my debut as the artist, Tranquil Light.


All too often, it’s a challenge for me to slow down, stop working, unplug and recharge my soul by having FUN! Last weekend, I took a little trip to the Smokey Mountains, rode the coasters at Dollywood and celebrated my 4 nominations at the Josie Independent Music Awards.

In my last letter, I wrote about Self-Care 101: understanding WHAT self care is, WHY it’s important and HOW to begin to incorporate it into our lives. This time I’m gonna touch upon why has it become SUCH a big old buzz word nowadays? What are some easy ways we can cultivate it into our lives?


A while back my therapist started using the term Self Care. At first I was like, "what?"

I shower, I brush my teeth, comb my hair and occasionally paint my toes. Isn’t that taking care of myself? What is she talking about? What does that mean? And why?

I finally asked, “Ok, please tell me exactly what you mean by self care?”


Lately I’ve been feeling a lot of healing shifts. Perhaps it’s just a part of the human cycle that we sometimes need to go within to clear and refocus... Or, dare I’s the result of the recent eclipse. July 27th marked the longest eclipse of our century aka a “Blood Moon Eclipse” (the moon actually appears a reddish-brown color). This was only visible from particular places in the Southern hemisphere not the US. But there’s a pic for you. Gorgeous!

I know that not everyone believes in that sort of thing... However eclipses traditionally bring energetic shifts.

And this past one was a big one.


What I want to talk about today is the importance of caring for our mind-spirit as much as we care for our body. In todays world we tend to be pretty conscious of taking care of our bodies - we know we are sick when our throat starts to feel sore, we realize we are tired when we begin to yawn, we feed our hunger cause the stomach growls, etc… And the solutions for the above are pretty obvious. BUT sometimes the solutions for caring for our mind and spirit aren’t as overt or accessible.


This quote struck a chord in me, something sounding like a Major 7 - it sounds hopeful, but with a tinge of mystery and contemplation ….

The root of the word courage is actually “Cour” which means Heart.

It’s an odd thing because heart tends to make us think of love and softness whereas courage tends to convey strength and unyielding.

How can we relate these 2 ideas?


I would be remiss if I sent a note without mentioning the recent losses in our world that we have experienced due to suicide. I recently read an article that said for every person we lose to suicide, there are another 280 who consider it…..

Of course there’s the people we know of because who make the headlines, Robin Williams, Chester Bennington (Linkin Park), Jeff Alm & Junior Seau (professional athletes) and of course most recently, Kate Spade & Anthony Bourdain.

Oftentimes, we look at celebrity figures and say, “They have everything - fame, success, money, what do THEY have to be depressed about?”


Life can often get so busy that we forget to make time for our happiness. When we take the time to think about what brings us joy, it enables us to manifest more of it! And after all isn’t that what life’s about?