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Step into a realm where inspiration intertwines with the enchanting sounds of Ethereal Electro Pop. This captivating genre seamlessly blends ethereal melodies and electronic elements, resulting in a musical experience that uplifts the spirit and expands the imagination

Ethereal Electro Pop takes listeners on a journey through dreamlike landscapes, where otherworldly melodies and ethereal vocals create an atmosphere of pure magic. The infusion of inspiration in this genre fuels the creation of music that resonates deeply with listeners, evoking emotions and stirring the soul.




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Zero Gravity”
Live Performance Video

“ Performing with Ableton Live, electronics & MIDI Controllers is about
sharing the message of a song in a new way &
giving people a multi-dimensional listening experience.”

“Zero Gravity” is about finding our ‘happy place’ This is Mine!
I welcome you to float free with me and experience “Zero Gravity”


New Singles Available Now

Dive into a world of sonic wonder as we unveil an extraordinary collection of new single songs, meticulously crafted to captivate and enchant. From heartwarming ballads to pulsating anthems, this musical offering has something to ignite the fire within every listener.

Fire FliesMeredith Blis
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