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Making  Music  that  Makes  A  Difference

#ShineAgain is about using the inspiration of music to share the message of hope and healing for people struggling with depression and similar mental health issues.

I’ve been there, I still go there at times and I understand.

Our mission is to raise awareness, heal lives & change mental health stigmas by providing a message of hope, wellness information and encouragement.

You are not alone. If you’re feeling lost, please know that you’re precious and that your being here matters to this world.

#ShineAgain Project

Together we can inspire each other to:


"Become a part of our incredible community"


 It’s as easy as 1-2-3

1. Create

Make a sign with one sentence about your story. You can type it out, write it out or even add pretty pictures & colors if that’s your thing.

Sample Text : I struggle with _________________ & I’m gonna #ShineAgain (fill in the blank - depression, anxiety, PTSD, Bipolar - whatever is going on for you right now).


Take a selfie with your sign, or if you want to stay anonymous, cover your face with the sign, just take a picture with your hand, or take it with a beloved object like a flower or instrument to show your beautiful spark. Whatever you're comfortable with.


Post on Social Media and tag me on  Instagram.
OR remain anonymous by sharing it with me via Instagram messenger (I promise to keep your identity private).

Remember to include the #ShineAgain hashtag & the text "I’m Gonna #ShineAgain"

Together we can Empower each other and those we Love to #SHINEAGAIN by Changing the conversation about mental health Join us in creating a community where people can feel supported, loved and understood. Here are some sample signs you can simply fill in the blanks - download & print here.

"Shine Again" Meredith Blis - Official Video #ShineAgain
Meredith Blis

"Shine Again" Meredith Blis - Official Video #ShineAgain

Get your #Shine Again Bracelet

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