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“I Must Be a Mermaid, I Have No Fear of Depths & a Great Fear of Shallow Living” 
                                                                                                                                     ~ Anais Nin
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Making Music and Spirit Shine

3 Easy Steps To Forgiveness

by Meredith Blis on 09/10/14

Ok, I’ll admit I don’t have a definitive handbook. But I can write from my experience.  Recently I realized that I was carrying some very old hurt and  I had no clue how that past pain was creating pain in my present. Then it was like Boom!  I felt an instant, amazing freedom & release when I allowed myself to let go, stay out of the lions den, and also stop blaming myself.
I think forgiveness is one of the most powerful tools to help us reach our happiness and live peacefully in our higher purpose.  Here are the 3 keys I’ve found.  What are yours?
1.  Let It Go
Holding on keeps us stuck.  I believe very strongly that feelings of anger & hurt are normal and we have a right to feel them (the danger is when we act upon them in a way that harms others). But when we hold tight to that angst and pain, it creates a life filled with…. Angst and Pain.  It also perpetuates a pattern of similar painful situations in our lives.
When that current is flowing through you and that same situation is appearing, it’s really hard to be genuinely happy. But, when we acknowledge and process the hurt, we become lighter because we’ve let go of the things that no longer serve us.  And it enables us to move on towards more positive things.
2.  Stay out of The Lion’s Den
Nobody is mistake free.  We all mess up sometimes. There’s a huge difference between the friend who forgot you had dinner plans one Friday and the one who stands you up regularly.  What tends to happen is that we project the pain from the past into our present.  And that creates a Lion’s Den of chaos in current relationships based not the present circumstances but on the past hurts that have not been healed. 

Look at the whole picture.  If you want to move forward with the current relationship, truly forgive.  Heal the hurt by honoring  & sharing your feelings.  I’ve found my dearest friends along the way are those with whom we’ve been able to process through problems Together.
On the other hand, a one sided relationship leaves you doing all the forgiving.  Be aware of those circumstances.  People who hold onto your mistakes or consistently make you feel devalued are NOT your friends.  This is another Lions' Den. You don’t have to stay in a situation that leaves you scratched and wounded.
And if you choose to distance yourself from the relationship, allow yourself to do it with grace.  It can facilitate healing to say how you feel, (see my post on being brave)  If the circumstance doesn’t permit your expression, journal about it, talk to another friend or take a kickboxing class.  The key is to feel it, honor it and release it.  This process allows us to truly forgive. Whatever someone has done is a reflection of their story.  You  don’t have to carry their grief and make it who you are.
3.  Forgiving yourself
Our lives are Not about the ‘other’ person.  Healthy relationships with others begin with a loving relationship with Ourselves.  Sometimes it’s easier to focus on someone else as opposed to looking deeper at what patterns actually need to shift within us.  And the reality is, those are the only ones we can really control.  You may never change your fathers critical tone, but you can change how you interpret it and choose not to take it personally.  After all, peoples actions are usually not about YOU. I think the person most people are hardest on is Themselves.  Make a conscious effort to realize that the actions of others is not your fault.   And most importantly give yourself permission to Forgive yourself.   We all make mistakes, it’s part of life and it’s part of our journey.  Honor that where you are is exactly where you’re supposed to be and whatever happened has brought you to this place.  When we consciously and subconsciously berate ourselves about the things we did or didn’t do it creates an internal sense of unhappiness about Who we Are.   It’s destructive to our well-being.   We cannot truly love ourselves or live in our highest good if we are in a state of anger towards ourselves for our mistakes.   Allow yourself the gift to create a beautiful relationship with you by being kind to your spirit and forgiving yourself.
You Are Beautiful – allow yourself to lose the baggage that doesn’t serve you and live lighter so your spirit can shine!  Let me know how it goes!
Love and Blessings to you!

I Want To See You Be Brave

by Meredith Blis on 08/28/14

“You can be amazing, You can turn a phrase into a weapon or a drug 
You can be the outcast, Or be the backlash of somebody's lack of love
Or you can start speaking up….”

But, In our world it can be a BRAVE business to speak our truth.

We are constantly being barraged with challenges like not wanting to hurt others, rules of what's 'right' & our natural inclinations to fit in. Oftentimes, speaking up goes against what we’ve been conditioned to do.
When I put together the class about the heart center for my Voga Series, I made a surprising discovery…..
The root of the word COURAGE is COR- the Latin translation is HEART.  This word originally meant, “to speak one’s mind by telling all of one’s heart”
It makes sense that we now translate Courage as Being Brave or Heroic. It takes bravery to speak honestly about our experiences & express our emotions openly from our heart.  Expressing our truth feels vulnerable.  It gives me strength to remember that and honor it when I’m being brave.

Nothing's gonna hurt you the way that words do, When they settle 'neath your skin
Kept on the inside and no sunlight, Sometimes the shadow wins……

 Oftentimes, our greatest power comes from speaking our truth.  So, sometimes, it feels easier to stay in the shadows.  But holding things in can damage our health and confuse our emotions. We do ourselves a great service when we take that deep breath and express our honest feelings.  It enables us to step into our highest light and share our gifts. 
But I wonder what would happen if you
Say what you wanna say And let the words fall out
Honestly I wanna see you be BRAVE

With what you want to say, And let the words fall out
Honestly I wanna see you be BRAVE

And sometimes we also do the greatest service for others by saying the things they may not want to hear.  It’s imperative to speak our words with kindness.  Sometimes, it’s a whole ‘nother level of bravery to keep level headed and speak truth without yelling or condescending! But the point is that love is our ally if we want to be heard.  
Everybody's been there, everybody's been stared down
By the enemy
Fallen for the fear and done some disappearing
Bow down to the mighty
Don't run, stop holding your tongue

There are also situations where it’s not about being heard.  The goal is simply to free ourselves - say our piece so that we can cultivate more inner peace.  Standing in our power enables us to let go and move on towards things that serve our highest good.
Maybe there's a way out of the cage where you live
Maybe one of these days you can let the light in
Show me how big your brave is

Our greatest strength lies in what makes us different. And sometimes the bravest steps we take are those that lead us outside of the prosaic ‘box’. One of greatest things I’ve learned along the way is to do it Scared! There’s no shame in fear. Pushing past our comfort zone is what makes great things happen!
And since your history of silence
Won't do you any good
Did you think it would?
Let your words be anything but empty
Why don't you tell them the truth?

Sometimes, we are stuck between a ‘rock and a hard place’ – dammed if we do and dammed if we don’t!! I think at the end of the day, BRAVE is the decision that serves your highest spirit and enables you to be true to & empower the most important person….  Yourself :)
And yes, it is brave to be yourself, speak your truth and let your light shine!

But as Christopher Robin Once said....
"Remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think"

Exhale and Shine On with your amazing self! 

Honestly….. I wanna see you be brave!!!

Love and Hugs,
*italicized quotes from “Brave” written by Sarah Bareilles
© 2014 all rights reserved

Healing The Blues, Depression & BiPolar...

by Meredith Blis on 08/14/14

The good news is that over the past 10 years or so, our understanding and treatment options have increased -  The bad news is that this medical condition still harbors shame, isolation, and tragic consequences. 
Since we are having an open discussion here, I want to start by saying that I speak about the ride of depression and bipolar disorder from personal experience.  I was blessed to have found proper treatment during a suicidal episode in my 20’s.  Years later, I discovered both yoga & meditation which have considerably eased the moods & symptoms.   But one of the most empowering things I’ve found along the way is learning to understand myself and educate the people around me.
Depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain.  Sometimes, it can be triggered by situations but depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain.  Yes, I said it twice because it’s important to understand.  Oftentimes, it is NOT a pull your socks up and keep trudging it will pass kind of situation.  During one of my crisis, I was resisting medication and a friend said to me, “If you had diabetes, would you take Insulin?”
Because depression is psychological disorder, we view it differently & we believe that we ought to be able to talk ourselves out of it.  In reality it is no different than taking insulin for diabetes.   Being a chemical imbalance, it often requires medication to stabilize. That being said, proper treatment also includes ‘therapy’ just like proper treatment for diabetes includes dietary awareness and restrictions.  Medications can help prevent a situation from becoming fatal as well as help people to cope with life more effectively.  And yes, either circumstance can also be handled without meds. 

There are so many treatment options – the key is realizing that in order to heal you must take the first step and seek help.  Realize this condition is not your fault. You aren’t meant to live unhappy.   Offer yourself the same kindness and compassion that you would to a friend.
Bi-polar disorder is vastly misunderstood. It is Not a synonym for crazy! Just because your neighbor or your ex is ‘nutsy’ that does make them ‘bipolar’  People throw this term around a lot without knowing what it actually means.  FYI - Some notable bipolar people include: Abraham Lincoln,  Florence Nightingale, Charley Pride, Frank Sinatra, Catherine Zeta-Jones…
I like this simple explanation - Bipolar is a condition where person’s mood regulator is broken.  This imbalance creates extreme highs and extreme lows in a persons behavior.  It can also manifest as ‘mood cycling’ -  emotions that shift rapidly without any pretense. Happy, Sad, Angry, Elated, Crying, Laughing, - the whole spectrum in short periods of time. 
When you’re in it and it hasn’t been diagnosed, it can be very confusing and even when you know what’s going in, if you’re in it, you can see it happening, but don’t always have the ability to control the ‘shifts’.

Bipolar 1 disorder, also called Manic Depression, is characterized by episodes of extreme highs (mania) and lows (depressive) lasting for extended periods.  Bipolar 2 refers to the more rapid mood cycling, less intense mania and extended periods of depression.
Similar to depression, Bipolar can be triggered by circumstance (usually emotional trauma), and/or by an innate chemical imbalance.  Oftentimes, both depression and bipolar are heredity conditions. Once again pointing to the genetic and chemical component ;)
Gosh, this article has gotten long…..! 
The point that I want to make is if you identify with these conditions, you are not alone!  Often the hardest part is the accompanying self blame, solitude and anxiety.  Welcome to the club – we’re not very elite ;)  It’s just your DNA.  And help is available.   Seek out resources and offer yourself kindness and compassion.
If there is someone close to you who is exhibiting these symptoms, my true hope that this article will offer you some insight, understanding and resources.   Depression and Bipolar also have a rippling affect on the people around us.  So if you are dealing with someone who has either condition the same goes, seek resources, take care of yourself and be kind and compassionate, it can be a rough road.  But understanding that it’s the disease, not the person is helpful place to start. 
Here’s some other info for you
The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive by Stephen Fry  - This movie is amazing
 Part 1 (link below)   - Part 2 is also avail free on Youtube
Book List - CLICK HERE
More About Robin Williams and his struggle with Depression - CLICK HERE
May the light of those blessed spirits whom we’ve lost keep shining on at us from above :) May we move forward with understanding &
healing for ourselves and those around us
Love & Light

Take A 3 Minute Vacation

by Meredith Blis on 07/30/14


Most of us have seen this inspirational poem at some point in our lives.  I always loved it, but had only read it on the run. When I took a moment to absorb it slowly and really let it sink in,  it gave me a sense of grounding, hope, peace and a brightened perspective.  Kinda like a mini-vacation.   

And I've added some waves for your enjoyment.  (the mp3 will open in a new screen but you can click back here and listen while they are playing)  
So go for it – Give yourself a 3 minute vacation!
Click HERE and Enjoy

(Desiderata translates as  Desired Things or Things that are hoped for)

Go Placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence.  As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons
Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story
Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit.  If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain & bitter; for always there will be greater & lesser persons than yourself.
Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.  Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.
Exercise caution in your business affairs; for the world is full of trickery.  But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals and everywhere life is full of heroism.
Be yourself.  Especially, do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love; for in the face of all aridity & disenchantment it is as perennial as the grass.
Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth.
Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.  But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings.  Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.
Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself.  You are a child of the  universe, no less that the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here.  And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.
Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be, and whatever your labors & aspirations, the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul.
With all its sham, drudgery & broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.  Be cheerful.  Strive to be happy

Hope you had a great trip :)
Love & Light to you


The Brainiac in me couldn’t just send the poem without also offering the origins…
This poem was written by Max Ehrmann in 1927.   It was first publicly distributed in 1956 by a Reverend Kates in Baltimore as part of the church’s devotional materials.  It gained popularity when it was found at the bedside of Adlai Stevenson (US presidential candidate) at the time of his death in 1965.  And continued to spread through our culture through various sound recordings, most notably Leonard Nimoy aka Spock (1968 & 1995) & Les Crane (1971). Now we can buy it on posters at Wal-Mart, kind of an interesting cultural trajectory!

Create A Deeper Sense of Peace and Grace

by Meredith Blis on 07/21/14

Now, I don't claim to have the answer, but I am really excited to share with you, some insights that I gleaned from last weekends workshop

What Is Oneness?

The Oneness Movement/Concept began in India. It’s not a religion, it’s not a cult – it’s just a way of living with more truth, consciousness, and joy.  Sounds good right?

The reality is that a shift in consciousness occurs when we realize we all share the state of being human and we’re all in this together.  We are One being.

Our human minds have created an illusion of separateness because of both 
conditioning and as a survival mechanism of the ego. When we live with a deep sense of separateness from each other, this state of mind creates confusion, loneliness & emotional pain.  

One of the lessons here is that oftentimes, what goes on within us is a mirror of what is going outside of us.    

We fight under the pretext of They are different 
from me... Often this thought mirrors the judgment, intolerance, hatred that humans have cultivated on the inside for other humans.  The large scale result is war & extreme violence between humans.
On a small scale, our individual anxieties and thoughts create the world around us.  We feel stressed and out of control our actions will often create stressed and out of control situations in the immediate world around us as well as stressed and out of control reactions from the people around us.  Just noticing these patterns (we all have em ;))  can create huge changes!
I love this Rumi Quote….
“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.  Today, I am wise, so I am changing myself”
It all begins with the shift of each individual mind.   It’s an exciting time of transition in our planetary consciousness!  And I believe that as each individual takes a step forward in their path of grace, it helps to create a higher vibration in the collective consciousness. 
How does Oneness give us tools to do that? 
It’s pretty simple actually – yay!
It’s called Deeksha which translates as blessing.  
The Deeksha blessing is a transfer of energy (somewhat similar to Reiki, but a different modality) where the practitioner places their hands on someone’s head for approximately a minute.  The result actually creates changes in neuro-brain chemistry, helps create a greater sense of peace, and also helps to release past negative thought patterns.  Sounds crazy right?
Well, remember, I am originally from New York so sarcasm & skepticism are in my DNA……  But I can tell you it’s been an amazing ride with some very happy shifts in my world as well as for the people with whom I've shared this blessing.
Happy to share it all with you too! 
Drop a line back and I can send it your way remotely or find me around town :)
Til’ Next Time
May you be blessed with Peace, Joy and Grace 
XO Meredith

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