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Meredith Blis is an ethereal electro pop artist and singer-songwriter based in Nashville. Best known for her mesmerising, otherworldly vocals and electrifying new take on pop, Meredith has earned a number of awards for her songwriting and unique approach to making music - including “Song of the Year 2019" for ‘I Don’t Speak Boy’, awarded by the Tennessee Songwriters Association International, and “Best Pop CD” at the New Mexico Music Awards.

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Keep an eye out for ‘Zero Gravity’, out soon:

My Story

From the upcoming release of her haunting new song ‘Zero Gravity’, to past singles like ‘Shine Again’ and ‘Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful’, to her instrumental composition project ‘Tranquil Light’, Meredith’s originality and artistry endures. She has performed live at venues around NYC (Bitter End, The Cutting Room) and Nashville, and collaborated with seasoned producers and audio engineers including Juno Award winning Darryl Neudorf, Grammy award winner Larry Mitchell, and the multi gold record producer James Wizner.

Originally from New Jersey, Meredith grew up around the music industry - her father, Milton Sincoff, was a Senior VP at Arista Records under Clive Davis. She began playing saxophone as a child before moving onto piano. Although passionate about modern dance for most of her teens, two knee surgeries in college saw Meredith begin writing songs and focus more seriously on music as a saving grace. In this same period, she continued formal studies at The Juilliard School extension division in New York, studying classical composition and music theory - meanwhile dipping her toes around the city as a performer singing blues and covers and, eventually, her own songs.

Fuelled by the joy of creation, Meredith finds writing, singing and composition are powerful vessels of inspiration and healing. During college, whilst still reeling from the reality of no longer being able to carry out her dreams as a professional dancer, Meredith’s mother passed away from cancer. This loss was swiftly followed by the death of her grandmother a year later, and then her father. Clouded by grief, loss and pain, it was music that kept Meredith going. The artist says: “Making music became such a strong place of grounding for me. It kept me afloat when it felt like the rest of my life was falling apart. It was one of the hardest times of my life, and it’s still a blur, but music helped me through that.

Creatively influenced by modern singer-songwriters such as Sara McLachlan, Tori Amos, Adele, Banks and Sia - with an eclectic range of musical inspirations from Bach and Debussy and Florence + The Machine to Post Malone and Elton John - Meredith recently developed an unexpected obsession with technology and electronic music. Using Ableton Live and incorporating technology like Midi controllers and live looping into her performances opened up a exciting new world for the experimental artist, which gave her the artistic freedom to get absorbed in the detail-oriented nature of programming on Ableton, as well as create emotional landscapes made from layering sounds and textures. Working deeply in Ableton saw Meredith form a passion for sound design and production, which became the impetus for ‘Tranquil Light’ - an instrumental record that married her newfound skill on Ableton with her background in classical composition and her love for yoga and meditation.

Meredith holds a deep reverence and respect for the beautiful uniqueness of every person - and the shared experiences of joy, angst and chaos that comes from being human. Her emotional sensitivity as an artist stems from the belief that music has the power to inspire others, create change and uplift vibrations - and her life and career stand as a testament to the healing power of music. In 2017, with the release of her single ‘Shine Again’, Meredith created the #ShineAgainProject - an online campaign to raise mental health awareness, impact lives and change mental health stigmas through the song’s musical message of hope and healing.

The ethereal pop artist explains: “There’s a special magic in something that has the power to transcend boundaries and bring people together the way music can. It reminds us that we’re not alone. My relationship with a music is a love affair that I can’t describe. I just hope my music can help shine a light for others.”

Author: Mellissa Legarda


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