The Shine Again Project

making music that makes a difference

On March 15th, 2018 we are set to release the official Shine Again Music Video!

Our goal is to use the inspiration of music to share the message of hope and healing for people struggling with depression and similar mental health issues.

I’ve been there, I still go there at times and I understand.

We need to spread the word that there is help available. You are not alone and even if you’re feeling lost, please know your precious being here matters to this world.

Our mission with this music video is to raise awareness, heal lives & change mental health stigmas by providing a message of hope to people as well as access to resources they need for wellness.

There's an easy & fun way for you to support this project and help to make a difference.

Join us in promoting healing. Here’s what you can do to pitch in!

  • $5 gets you a mp3 download of "Shine Again"
  • $10 gets you an online backstage pass to a pre-release video viewing + the mp3 download.
  • $15 Exclusive party pass to join the Meredith Blis Electric in our studio on 3/15! Be there for the online show & live viewing party to celebrate the release of the official Shine Again music video + mp3 download
  • $25 gets YOUR NAME in THE CREDITS at the end of the video + the online backstage pass + mp3 download
  • $50 EXCLUSIVE behind the scenes photo book + YOUR NAME in THE CREDITS + the pass + mp3 downloads
  • $100 YOU CAN BE IN THE VIDEO! No need to go to Nashville, we will green screen in a pic of your choice! (you also get screen credits + the backstage pass + mp3)

To get involved in the Shine Again Project and receive your gifts - send your tax-free contribution via PayPal ( and I will send you a receipt with your gifts!


In the spirit of change, I recently made a pledge with a charity called Their purpose is to help people recognize the signs of depression as well as offer resources for healing and suicide prevention. A percentage of your proceeds to support "Shine Again" will go to Change Direction.

Words cannot express my gratitude for your contributions in helping people to #ChangeDirection & "Shine Again"

Sneak Preview Pictures from the Shine Again Video!

  • Stills-M&T.jpg
  • Box CK.jpg
  • CU CK.jpg
  • med CK.jpg
  • Piano CK.jpg
  • Shot 4.jpg
  • Film Comp.00_01_11_16.Still005.jpg
  • Film Comp.00_01_51_11.Still008.jpg
  • 2 shot_1CK.jpg
  • 2 Shot_2 CK .jpg

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