Was working on my newsletter about SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and I came across one of my FAV Dr. Seuss quotes. (number 4) Inspired by his wisdom, wit and spirit! Love these uplifting reminders :) I cherish the moments when simple things make me smile. AND if you want to be first in line to receive my newsletters? You can sign up here or go to my site (I'll also send you some free music ;)

HA! My little furry goddess is at it again. Making me smile My boyfriend put the unicorn on the piano as a joke to make me laugh :) And THEN? Shakti- Cat joined in! Totally looks like they are playing a duet! Cracking me UP! Ah.... I love living in a house where silliness is a group hobby :)

THANK YOU @Dead.Inside.Insomniac ! I love your inspiring #ShineAgain Post! Sometimes mental health challenges are innate and sometimes they are the result of trauma..... Especially PTSD, which can bring on the depression & anxiety... (they all like to hang out together lol) Also, I was surprised to learn that ADD / ADHD can sometimes mimic the symptoms of PTSD. Knowledge & Awareness are such assets on our healing journey. It is so powerful to look at the circumstances that have created our situations. But it's not always easy to uncover the layers and heal our wounds. It takes compassion, strength, patience & resilience. As the path progresses, I'm learning to embrace self-love and listen to my soul. These are (some of the) things that trauma takes away from us. Yes, it's a rocky path but I do believe that healing is possible. Even on the days that it feels like 1 step forward, 2 steps back :) Talking to people and running the #ShineAgain campaign has taught me so much. My goal was to inspire others and it's amazing to me to feel like it's also inspired ME.

SO ..... If you see that I've unfollowed you or have refollowed you multiple times. This app is making a mess of things and I am So Sorry! I was trying to track the people who contributed to the #ShineAgain campaign to ensure that we stayed in touch. Then the app started unfollowing the people with whom I was trying to stay connected WITH! This situation has been soooooo embarrassing. Does anyone have a good recommendation for an app to organize followers on IG? THANK YOU for your kind understanding :)

Getting my drum sounds dialed in for a new track!!! So excited about my new spiffy monitor (pictured :) AND my Upgrade to #AbletonLive10 !!! Yay!

This John Lennon quote is always heartwarming to me. It's not about what you do when you grow up, it's about creating a life that brings you happiness. When you struggle with mental illness, Happy can sometimes feel so elusive, distant and downright impossible. It's not anything in particular, but instead a general feeling that life doesn't feel OK and that it will never get better. When I'm feeling that way, I try to ask myself is it my circumstances that are creating this despondency? or my depression? If it's circumstance, I work on what I can do to change it. If it's the emotional then I try to remember that this has happened before and that it will pass - learning to honor our emotions is such a powerful key to healing. Some days are harder than others. It's ok to not feel 100% all of the time. LIfe isn't always perfect. Sometimes I find it helpful to zoom in from the big picture and allow myself to focus on the little things that ease sadness and bring simple joy in this moment. For when the going gets tough, I even keep a list of reminders LOL What's on your happy list?

Dearest @moemoe829 THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your story and sharing your light. This is such an inspiring reminder. It's so hard when we're in the tunnel and we can't see the light. Those are the most powerful moments when we need to remind ourselves of both our inner strength and the power of hope. That is the heart of the #ShineAgain message Sending you Blessings!

TAXES!!!!!!!!!!!! The final deadline is October 15th right?!?! Thanks @anthony_a_mann for the flattering shot of me and the current chaos in my office ha!ha! but at least I'm getting it Done. Better late than never!

It's #Caturday! Perfect time to go drinkin' Dont cha think? Hey @Pepper&Miko you wanna join me? respond on my meowbook page mom doesn't know that I have mastered the art of drinking out of her water glass.... shhhh....

Dear Christine I want you to know that your bravery has made a difference. #IBelieveYou Your courage has brought healing and a voice to stories that people feared to share You have blazed a path that has empowered people to come together and heal. You have brought a new level of awareness to the epidemic of sexual violence in our country I attended a vigil this evening in Nashville for survivors. There were multiple people who shared experiences in which they told parents, cops and others about their assaults. However their parents, police and others did not believe them or they blamed them or they told them to stay quiet about it. Survivors, you are not alone. If someone doesn’t believe you - then keep sharing your story until someone does and get the healing you need. Again, You are not alone. Your precious voice deserves to be heard. #WeBelieveYou It pains me to see the examples we are setting for our children. By not having compassion we are saying - “It’s not safe to speak up” By publicly ridiculing survivors, we are shaming people who’ve already endured unspeakable violence. By allowing someone who’s been accused to hold a high office in our country we are sending the message that violent behavior is an acceptable standard. Then we question WHY people don’t speak up. I’m not one for politics but #EnoughisEnough. This is about humanity. It’s not about gender, color, race, preference, gender identity, orientation or any other ‘description’ that differentiates us. (note: 1 in 10 rape survivors are male) Now is the time to stand TOGETHER - have these difficult conversations with one another and with our children / teens. My sincere hope is that if we can begin to speak openly and hear each other with grace, compassion & understanding perhaps we can begin to end the epidemic of sexual violence. Thank You Dr. Ford for empowering me to post about my feelings.

It is so awesome to meet you @therealfreakintman Thank You so much for sharing your story. Truly inspiring post. This is the heart of #shineagain - talking openly so we can shift stigmas, connecting with others and sharing our light to remind people who are struggling that they are not alone. Gratitude and Blessings to you! And IG friends it’s easy to DM me your #shineagain stories as well Open the message app and send to me @meredithblis 1. Take a selfie or choose a photo 2. Add text that includes a sentence about your story and the phrase “I’m gonna #shineagain” You can also just send text and remain anonymous 3. Be sure to hit Keep In Chat so I can repost Done! We help each other stand strong when we stand together!

Thank You so much @bonniewarrenmusic!!! So glad to hear you are enjoying the new record. I am so humbled and grateful for the response I am receiving. It was truly a magical experience creating this project. It is a blessing to know that it’s bringing peace and joy to others!!!

I am so excited. I have figured out a super simple way to make a #shineagain selfie IN Instagram! You can use the feature in the chat or the plus button as if you’re making a regular post. Simply pick a picture and add text or just create the text!!! Done :) what an easy way share the light! That being said, if you’re inspired to create a traditional or unique sign/selfie? go for it! So blessed and touched by everyone’s stories and grateful for people’s participation! So..... Post your picture and let’s spread the message of hope and healing and help one another to #shineagain! PS Don’t forget to tag me or DM me and I’ll post for you anonymously 😊

I saw this quote today and I found it to be a super inspiring reminder. I understand, more than I like to admit, those days where everything can feel futile. It is so important to have these powerful reminders to keep the faith and keep on keepin' on - even in those moments when we feel like we can't. Especially in Those kinds of moments. I urge you to reach out to friends, counselors, and places like #suicideprevention hotline 1-800-273-8255 AND if you can't reach out - allow yourself to reach in - find that one thing, no matter how small that can keep you afloat or focus on that one person who needs you here. I appreciated the campaign shared by #WhyNotChallenge If you go thru these moments a lot it's a powerful tool to help keep your light shining. And to requote the inspiring and awesome @rawsome_daisy "Stay ..... Discover what you were made for" You are here for a reason. I can promise you the darkness passes and you have the strength to #ShineAgain

I am so deeply touched by this beautiful post. Thank You @rawesome_daisy for sharing your story and your light and helping others to #shineagain. Reading this post was really inspiring to me. I had a tough couple blue days last weekend. Feeling so much Gratitude for your inspiring words and your message of hope and healing. 🙏🌟💖 ・・・ I am a suicide survivor 🖤 . If you don’t know already, I am a HUGE advocate for suicide awareness and prevention, because almost 7 years ago, my husband and the father to my children, took his life. . After that happened, I also battled with depression and turned to tranquilizers (Xanax) to help numb my pain... well, I ended up overdosing and almost lost my own life... . My children could have lost both parents within a year... the thought of that broke my heart more than my husband’s death, so that’s why I stayed. I couldn’t put them through anymore heartache, so I fought my demons for YEARS... for them! . I’ve finally found my light through the darkness, but it did take time and loads of self-discovery. Health and fitness has brought purpose to my life and fulfills me in a way nothing else ever has... THIS is what I was made for... to help motivate and inspire others to begin not only a health and fitness journey, but a self-love journey. A journey to happiness, a journey to the light I once desperately begged for. . Stay... Discover what you were made for . If you have ever had thoughts of suicide, self-harm, or even battle with bouts of depression, please message me. Reach out and let me help you. If all you need is an ear, someone to listen, someone to understand, I’m here. If I can help save one life, it would mean the world to me 🌎 . ❤️ There is light at the end of your darkness, I PROMISE! . This shirt was gifted to me from my beautiful cousin @michellecarneyoverstreet from a suicide awareness event she held in my hometown of Wasilla, Alaska this past week at her non-profit @myhouseed . The tireless work her and her team do for that community is truly amazing and selfless. I feel incredibly blessed to have such a powerful support system and I am so driven and inspired to pay it all forward ❤️ .

What an amazing day @musicexposf ! So much fun connecting with old friends, meeting new ones and learning about music tech nerd studio stuff. One of my favorite topics! lol Was feeling a little blue this morning but happy that I rallied. It ended up being an inspiring day 😊. #shineagain

I am so excited to be participating in this event on Sunday in Nashville @ConcertAcrossAmerica It is a blessing to be able to use the power of music in service of peace and healing. This show is a free event with a great line up. Please join us if you're in Nashville. BIG Thanks to @RandiDriscoll for organizing and inspiring.

Thank You to the lovely and inspiring @makeuncomfortablecomfortable for sharing this beautiful wisdom & insight :) I deeply concur with her sentiments. See below Thank You to all There is so much power in supporting each other. Taking the time to listen to and be present for another persons story. Reaching out a healing hand and lifting each other up. I think it’s a huge part of getting thru life - helping one another to #ShineAgain IN HER WORDS.... ・・・ “I know I just recently posted this quote but I just love it so much. Guys, your trauma and your hardships have helped you become the unique person you are. Every person on this earth has gone through their own trials, EVEN ME. Like for instance, terrible twos are killing me and I want to give my son up for adoption every day 😂 JK. But seriously it is so hard. Long story short, YOUR TRIALS MAKE YOU UNIQUE. And believe me, you will #shineagain 💙” . . . @meredithblis Shine again project . . #coping #unique #endure #mentalwellness #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthwarrior #mentalhealthsupport #mentalhealthrecovery #mentalhealthstigma #mentalwellness #maketheuncomfortablecomfortable  #psychiatry #recoverywarrior #recoverymode #recoveryjourney #supportgroup #anxietyrecovery #selfhealing #brainhealth #artheals #healers #endthestigma #healthymindhealthybody #anxiety #motivationdaily #motivationforlife #notalone #realist #depressionrecovery

Thank you @weareallcrazyhere For sharing my story and making me a #samehere hero!! Honored to contribute to your positive #mentalhealth message It is truly a surreal thing to read my own story.... The journey of living with a mental health diagnosis is a path with many twists and turns. I often have the feeling like it’s possible to fall into an abyss at any time. But when we consciously take the steps we need for healing, treatment and #selfcare, it gives us the tools we need to pull ourselves back up again when we stumble. And in that place we can also empower ourselves.... by embracing those rare magical moments when we allow ourselves to look back and say “Wow! look at how far I’ve come” . Today’s #SameHere🤙 Hero: @MeredithBlis . The “simplicity” of her story should resonate with many. Loss of her parents & and close grandparent all within approximately a yr of one another, along with an injury that took her away from pursuing her dream as a dancer, sent her spiraling. . Symptoms of underlying Bipolar 2 started to surface more. But she’s so strong & has fought to find the right coping mechanisms, right practices, right medication, & even the right passion - for music & her own MH Movement you’ll read about below. Welcome to the Hero Alliance, Meredith! . “The death of my parents & my maternal grandmother all within a yr of each other in my late teens/early 20's as well as what I believe to be a genetic predisposition in my family have been the contributing factors to my mental health challenges. . Following my graduation from college, after the death of my mother & my grandmother, I went into a severe depression. I was unable to work or function. I also struggled w rapid mood cycling. It took years to receive the correct diagnosis of Bipolar 2. I have also struggled with SAD as well as PTSD & ADD. . When my mother was diagnosed w cancer, I began therapy in order to handle that situation as well as the loss of my career dream of being a dancer (I had an injury that resulted in multiple knee surgeries). Initially, when meds were recommended, I was very reticent. A dear friend said to me, ‘If you had diabetes, would you take insulin?’ That stat

Sharin the love with some of my favorite peeps tonight at Richards Cafe. Happy Birthday @tingodmusic 🎂Thanks All for joy!! Awesome to see you 😊. @shailittlejohn @thestorieddesk @daveisaacsmusic @victoria.woodworth

#whynotchallenge It was a reflective and deep process to create this list and It feels easy to look at it when I’m feeling pretty good. Part of the magic here I think is keeping the reasons handy for the moments when you might feel ready to give up. #suicidepreventionawareness Thank You For creating this idea and helping us to remember the preciousness of being here, embracing the things we love and why it’s important to keep on our journey in this plane of being. I encourage people to embrace their light and make a list. It’s very heart opening and inspiring! TO CREATE YOUR REASONS and keep the awareness flowing for #suicidepreventionweek Make a list of 11 reasons why you value life tag and use the #whynotchallenge 🙏🌟💖

Learn more at #bethe1to (sponsored by The Suicide Prevention Lifeline) I love how this movement is offering insight and advice on how we can help others to heal. Sometimes a simple gesture can help save a life. Suicide is not an easy topic to discuss and that’s why there is so much power in #suicidepreventionweek. The more we can talk openly, the more information we can share and that helps give us tools to help others on their journey and in their darkest moments. I understand from experience that it takes courage to talk. But if you’re struggling please know that help is available 24/7 1-800-273-8255

Hello from Dollywood! 5 roller coasters and one log flume later..... I’m cracking myself up and chillin’ with the chickens.... So awesome to take a much needed day off and have some fun:) And tomorrow I’m heading to the Josie Music Awards Ceremony at the Dollywood Celebrity Theater. So honored to have 3 nominations!!

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