Happy Sunday! So I'm gonna do a shout out & share the Love (don't know why those 2 things go together... but I thinking maybe we could make a Thing?) Check out this beautiful inspiring video and AMAZING SONG by the incredible artist @theMannyCabo. The song is written by him and my fabulous gal pal @BonnieWarrenMusic "Wear Your Words" was inspired by an article in Patch about how a brave young girl responded to bullying by writing the words on yellow post-its and wearing them on her body. It is the hope of the songwriters that '“WEAR YOUR WORDS” makes a real difference… And will mean something and start new conversations that will be filled with kindness, acceptance, and celebrating diversity." Also the chords in the bridge were written as an homage to musician Chris Cornell who died by suicide in 2017. Words make a difference - Let's remember to share them and teach our kids to use them with Love and Grace. Thank You Manny and Bonnie and Kalani for this message, the song and making us all a little braver today :)

Really? This #Caturday is all about Shakti's antics. She has a habit of placing rubber bands and hair ties sometimes even ear plugs! in her food bowl when it needs filling or isn't up to her feline standards! For reals, it's crazy. Well, this time she got a hold of a #ShineAgain bracelet! It's upside down, maybe she'll be ready to #ShineAgain when I fill the food bowl..... Crazy Cat! OH and I promise not to give that one away in the promotion! Keep me posted if you want a free bracelet! Go Here to receive a free #ShineAgain wristband and a copy of the single!

Me... Doin' my vocal warm up and getting excited about tonights show.... summoning the magic.... LOL for realz, I get nervous before shows and seeing this online today made me crack up! So, I'm posting it to share the Joy! Join the unicorn and The Meredith Blis Electric tonight at 8pm ONLINE via (and I promise there will be a unicorn there too.....!!) Happy Solstice! Also!! I will be giving away some of the new #shineagain wristbands during the show 🌟

SO! This Amazingness arrived in the mail today!! Inspiration to #ShineAgain I am so passionate about sharing the message and creating the conversation about mental health. That I'm giving these away. Send a DM or a Comment if you want one :) One By One, Lets Share our Light an help each other to #ShineAgain

I received another anonymous selfie today.... So touching, real and the magnitude of strength is inspiring. When we feel hopeless - it's imperative to reach beyond ourselves, to those who love us, to those we love as well as professionals and helplines. You are not alone! You have the spark to #ShineAgain! (text of letter translated below) "I'm only alive because of my then Five year old cousin; He came to me crying the moment before I grabbed the knife and letters from under my pillow. For him and his siblings I will #ShineAgain" SENDING YOU BIG LOVE AND HEALING BLESSINGS

Honestly.... Feeling a little low energy today. Some days I'm not sure if it's just fatigue, the blues, a depression coming on, stress or just a normal human moment of needing some me time or down time. When you've living with a mood disorder or mental illness - awareness of moods, fatigue and emotions become necessary for health and survival. But I also try to balance not getting too caught up in the stories my mind likes to create :) When I can remember to allow and listen to my soul and remember to love myself in this less than perfect mood..... these things make it easier to not get washed away in a tide of blue.... THANKS #BreneBrown for your inspiration and the reminder #selflove #selfcare

Now...... Here’s a #caturday cater-way to keep mom from going away again. I’m gonna sleep directly on her gear suitcase!! Do you think I blend in? Am I cute enough to make it thru security?

THANK YOU @UnspokenWordsBlog for sharing this beautiful, inspiring, heartfelt, honest and brave photo. Your magic helps others to #ShineAgain - Gratitude for you, sharing your story Regrann from - What I'm sharing here with you are my deepest lows and my ups what are equally flatlines. Anyways. I found this one and I'd like to shout out to everyone who can relate to my posts and is also battling whatever fight inside of you. Guys please just don't give up and keep on fighting. You matter, you're worth it and you're not alone out there! Please reach out for help, because it's way too hard without! If I wouldn't have taken on help this time, I'd have given up already. Besides what I'm going through my myself I'm still a good listener. If you don't dare to go to a therapist or your doctor try @betterhelp. I just started sessions there and going to therapy and am on medication! I'm really doing everything and I hope you'll too! Please reach out ❤️ @meredithblis @healthyplace @themighty

Rest in Peace Dear One and Thank You for sharing your creative brilliance with the world - this item has been my favorite handbag for years! With my passion for raising awareness about #mentalhealth and #suicideprevention. I would be remiss not to post about our recent tragic losses. I was reading an article today that said "In the US, for every one person that dies by suicide, there's another 280 who think seriously about it, don't," Dr Draper says. "The other 280 don't make the headlines." I don’t know how they reached that figure. But I do feel that it’s a startling revelation. One suicide is still One too many..... We need to continue the conversation, show our love to people who are struggling and make resources available to people who need them. We often look at celebrities and think well what does someone with success and money have to be depressed about? Mental Health does not discriminate. Like other other dis-eases of the body & mind, Depression is an illness that needs treatment, patience and healing It doesn't matter if your life is in or out of the spotlight, it can be hard for anyone to seek help. Let's stand together support those in need and #ChangeMentalHealth #KateSpade #AnthonyBourdain

Been Feelin' a Little MIA online since I returned from NM. It was a whirlwind of festival fun & a travel adventure getting back to TN. I was feeling a little frazzled. Instead of diving headfirst back into life, I gave myself the time I needed to do things one step at a time and prioritize things like sleep, creative time, downtime and not overbooking my schedule - This approach aka incorporating self care :) brought me so much peace and enabled me to rebalance naturally. I finally feel like I'm settled back in! Laundry done, Unpacked, Studio is Back together, House is clean, etc ..... My intention is to continue this magical approach to being & to pass the fairy dust on to you.

What a truly powerful picture. THANK YOU @mental_in_the_hammer for sharing. It helped me to realize some signs of anxiety within myself. Awareness is such a powerful way to create peace. When I can recognize the signs, it gives me the opportunity to slow down and say to myself, "Hey there's nothing 'wrong,' its just the anxiety talking" And then I can take a step back and assess what it's trying tell me or use coping skills to talk that anxiety down. Anxiety often co-exists with other mental health diagnosis. So powerful to keep posting this info - knowledge is power and has been so helpful on my journey to #ShineAgain!

THANK YOU beautiful @Topxrahman for sharing this inspiring message about #mentalhealth and contributing to the awareness mission of the #ShineAgain campaign. AND how amazing that YOU MADE that TEE. I'm very uplifted by the healing reminder and I hope that there is someone else out there who receives the spark of hope in this message. Continuing the #ShineAgain campaign through June. DM me if you'd like to be a part of it.

It took me almost 30 hours to get from Taos to Nashville! Hence, my missing yesterdays post. Along the way I had some amazing experiences - of meeting both incredible people (serious angels in human form) as well experiencing an acute awareness of how a lack of grace in interaction creates discomfort. When we look for the light we find light - When we focus on the pain around us - we beget more pain. So grateful for the angels I met along the way The woman who drove me home from BNA The Man who gave me a free dinner voucher at the Hyatt in DFW The Man who reminded me to stay positive in DFW I could go on! Overall! such an incredible reminder to self that even the tiniest acts of kindness we can do for others along the way can sometimes make a huge difference in someone else's world!

I was so touched by this beautiful post. What a powerful reminder. We dampen our beautiful spirits when we compare our journey and the progress of our lives with others. Today’s affirmation to me... reminder to self... We all shine in our unique way! And we allow that light to radiate when we begin to embrace our own individual path 🌟

And this! Will be the backdrop for tomorrow’s show!! So excited to be a part of @musiconthemothership festival happening this weekend @taosmesabrewing. The fun starts Today! But you can Find me in The Bedouin Space Lounge tomorrow Saturday 6/2 from noon-1pm

THANK YOU @manic_chick for sharing your story and your inspiring insights on #mentalilllness We are #bipolarstrong! Wishing you light and strength on your healing Journey - You Shine and will continue to #ShineAgain - #regrann

#MentalHealthAwarenessMonth is drawing to a close, but I'd like to announce that I am going to continue the #SHINEAGAIN campaign at least through June and possibly beyond. This month has been an amazing experience of meeting inspiring people, learning more about mental health and a unbelievable reminder about how our sharing our stories helps to heal, empower and #changementalhealth. THANK YOU to all have participated! AND please DM me if you'd like more info.

Dear @LA_Artichoke - Thank You for sharing your anonymous selfie and your inspiring story! I resonate with the journey of finding the 'right' diagnosis and medications. And I'm sure a lot of our #ShineAgain community can relate as well. It is unfortunately a huge piece of the puzzle and a powerful reason we need to support each other and #changementalhealth Such a beautiful sentiment about being the Phoenix - YES! you are - Keep rising and Shining Girl. You will #ShineAgain. Love and Light to you.

Since we're talking mental health stigmas - I wanted to address one that I have had to overcome in my healing journey. Please comment if you resonate with the stigmas of taking medications! While I realize this treatment path is not the ideal a choice for everyone, it is a healing option. So many times I've endured the negativity of people's opinions on taking prescriptions for mental health. I remember when I first began therapy, I was so reluctant because of the negative stigma attached to meds. A dear friend said to me, "If you had diabetes, would you take insulin?" Processing that question changed my life and my viewpoint on meds. I had been so brain-washed by the stigmas associated with prescription treatment that at the time, I felt like I was doing something wrong by pursuing this path. I am happy to say that I feel differently now and I am a healthier happier human since I found the right treatment. Healing is personal journey. Allow yourself to do what's right for you! And if you have strong opinions that are anti-pharma, try not to judge, people who are struggling with mental health need your support and understanding - we deal with enough stigmas already!

The backdrop for my upcoming show!!!! I’s an amazing thing in life. I sometimes feel like we never know where our path will lead. Over 15 years ago a road trip took me to #Taos, NM. I fell in love with the land, the people and the vibrant energy of this small town. Look at that mountain! So blessed to be visiting ‘home’ right now :) Last week I showed up for a music event to play a few tunes and was invited to play the Music on the #Mothership #musicfestival. My heart is soaring as I embrace this opportunity and grateful to be a part of my first real music festival! 3 days of fun and magic in the Taos Mesa!

Another anonymous selfie!! This one really touched my heart with its story. The beautiful tattoo holds the symbolism of healing. The needle and thread are a wonderful message of strength and a magical symbol of our ability to #shineagain! Sending much love and healing blessings to this incredible person. I’m so inspired by our power to lift each other when we stand together to #changementalhealth 🙏🌟💖

THANK YOU so much @journeyheal for sharing your beautiful selfie and this inspiring message. It fills my heart to know that building our #ShineAgain community is making a difference in lives and people's healing journeys! You are not alone. We stand strong when we stand together! Love and Light to you! ""In honor of mental health awareness month and mental health awareness week I have joined a campaign #shineagain and decided to be totally transparent about my diagnoses. I hope that this helps people realize and feel that they are not alone. One of the biggest obstacles I have faced since my mental health journey started was feeling alone and misunderstood no matter how loved and surrounded I was. If I had it my way I would make sure no on ever felt that way again. It is a dark and lonely path. I was very lucky to become part of a wonderful community that made me feel understood, listened to, and cared for. And I really hope that this community can do the same for others. 💕 we can all shine again""

Thank You @honestdiaryuk for sharing your story and the message of creating #awareness for #mentalhealthmatters ! Everything we do to help change stigmas and create community helps people to #shineagain So grateful for your contribution to the campaign ❤️.

Dear @LA_Artichoke - Thank You for sharing your anonymous selfie and your inspiring story! I resonate with the journey of finding the 'right' diagnosis and medications. And I'm sure a lot of our #ShineAgain community can relate as well. It is unfortunately a huge piece of the puzzle and a powerful reason we need to support each other and #changementalhealth Such a beautiful sentiment about being the Phoenix - YES! you are - Keep rising and Shining Girl. You will #ShineAgain. Love and Light to you.

I saw this quote and it made me smile. Such a powerful reminder of the importance of surrounding ourselves with love and light and compassion, especially when we are on a journey of healing. I also wanted to say how grateful I am to have met such amazing incredible souls since I've begun this #ShineAgain campaign to raise awareness for mental health. I am truly inspired by everyones strength, story and beauty. Thank You for sharing your light! Wishing everyone an incredible week of self-care, healing and joy. DM me if you'd like more info about #ShineAgain! I'm taking a little vacay this week and next, but will still be here on IG sharing the love <3

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