Aretha, you will be missed .... Thank You for the music and the magic you gave us As I googled for a picture the tears started flowing, super sad ..... I guess the way to keep on keepin' on is to honor the legacy of this beautiful Diva with a golden voice by embracing the the joy of the songs she shared with us. I was planning a little impromptu show tonight on FB live and almost bailed cause I was sad. But thinking that sharing some music should help bring some light to a tough day! So if you're feeling up to some music & love tonight Join me on Facebook Live at 8pm central. Would love to see your smile there :)

I LOVE THIS so much! @thebipolarphoenix Thank You for inspiring and sharing your story. May all of us "Go Forth & Set the World on Fire" and #ShineAgain

The Four Agreements by Don MIguel Ruiz. I LOVED this magical book when I first read it. Really Transforming. Recently (at the recommendation of my therapist ;) I picked up the Companion Guide. And once again I am so inspired by these words. Just wanted to share for people who've never read it and as a reminder for those who have. Such empowering wisdom. Can never have too much of that :))

Thank You @mama.blacksheep for this incredible informative and powerful post. Education is so imperative to the mission on helping ending mental health stigmas. AND knowing more also helps us to understand and support the people we love. It’s hard to comprehend another persons journey until we’ve walked in their shoes. That’s not always possible, so education is the next best thing. Before I started this #shineagain campaign, I knew very little about BPD. I am grateful to gaining more understanding Thank You for inspiring. 🙏🌟💖

THANK YOU @depressedquotes_11 for sharing your story and creating this inspiring anonymous ‘selfie’ for the #shineagain campaign 💖 AND if you are struggling or having a bad day, I want to share that @depressedquotes_11 is always available for support. In their words “This account is open to talk to any and everyone. If you ever need someone to talk to this account will be there for you.” Thank You for shining your light to help others find theirs and #shineagain 🙏

For me these words are so super powerful. Anytime I see this quote I am startled by it's rawness. I think because it's a concept that I need to remember. Sometimes, it's so easy to get pulled into other peoples drama and criticisms. It's so important to remind myself that I am not responsible for someone else's emotions or their happiness. Peace begins with creating peace within ourselves and accepting who we are. When we focus on that, we begin to empower our self love which in turn helps to build immunity to any criticism towards us. Dirty Feet, Be Gone! :)) I was touched today by a convo with some of my IG pals about judgment around mental health conditions. Creating awareness and educating is so important to help end stigmas. But it's imperative that we also begin to silence the voices in our heads that blame and berate our self worth. The negative beliefs that we been programmed in our brains are not the truth! Let's replace those echoes with self love and support for our well being, and once again.... Dirty Feet, Be Gone! :)) @Rosera_Lee Thanks for inspiring!

Thank You @onceeachotherssavior for this amazing and inspiring post! Gotta love that Regina supports the campaign as well 😊. It’s amazing to see the magic we can make when share our stories and inspire each to #shineagain!!! So much gratitude for your light and also sharing info about the campaign!! 🙏🌟💖 ・・・ Having a page like this has led me to awesome people with the same mind set and values I have about mental health. Mental health is so important and I am so glad so many of you have opened up about your own experiences. Which leads me to this post. I was contacted by the wonderful @meredithblis about a project called #shineagain. Mental illnesses can make you feel like the light in your soul has gone out. Project #shineagain let’s you share about your mental illness, but also how you can and will shine again through it all. I’ve always said your “disorders” or diagnoses do not define you. They are apart of you, but you’re not those things. Thank you so much again, @meredithblis for reaching out and letting me know about this! Guys, if you want to be apart of project #shineagain here’s what you need to do! 1. Create a sign with one sentence about your mental health story or in support of someone you love 2. Post a selfie or anonymous selfie. 3. Tag @meredithblis & Use the #shineagain to help us build a community of hope & inspire people who are struggling to #ShineAgain Complete instructions/ pre-made signs & anonymous Dropbox on #shineagain project page at MeredithBlis .com Happy shining, lovelies! ❤️

Another bracelet pic!!! Your story and your bravery are inspiring!!! Thank you for sharing and helping us to remember the light and that we have the strength to #shineagain 🙏💖🌟 I’m still giving away bracelets for free along with an MP3 of the song that inspired the campaign! Go here or DM me for details! (cost of shipping not included) ・・・ Got my #ShineAgain wristband from @meredithblis today. Dear Meredith, thank you so much, it really means a lot to me! ❤ So here is a part of why: On this picture and what I usually don't like showing like that are my scars. The darker two are about 1 year old (no, not doing it again). I'm 41 and beside I do know better now, I'm not denying that the urge never really goes away. I remember the feeling of letting out some of the pressure or tears I keep inside too well. It sounds weird, but it is relieving. All others are much older - about 15 years. In summertime I still get questions like: 'Do you have cats?' Well, the answer is easy because yes I do. Even a pack of 9! But what do people think? Those aren't the monsters! Those on the contrary are the main reasons what keeping me here. The monster who caused these scars live inside of me. I'm my own worst enemy. And I don't let my cats cover for it! So I usually say yes, but that was me. Funny thing is there aren't any further questions to that. So meanwhile I'm not scared or ashamed of it anymore. But I find it annoying. Because being honest it's obvious. Anyways... End of october, exactly at Halloween I'll get this side tattooed and I'm looking forward to it a lot. The other side will follow short after. Because both my arms look the same. The scars won't be covered completely though because they are all over my arms. Inside outside, up and down. But they are me, my mistakes, my past, my darkness my story, my battle, my journey.

I was doing some digging tonight on Sanskrit words and their meanings - creating song titles for the upcoming Tranquil Light meditation cd. Anyway - I came across this quote and it really touched me .... So I wanted to share. What if we all started believing that we are good ( and beautiful and perfect) just as we are. Thinking upon it makes me smile. Goodnight My IG friends :)

Thank You! @mama.blacksheep for opening your beautiful heart and helping to share this info about the #shineagain project! When we stand together, I becomes we and Illness becomes WEllness. 🌟❤️💖 #changementalhealth #wearethechange #endthestigma #depressionawareness #bipolarstrong #ptsdrecovery

@so_many_random_thoughts THANK YOU for sharing this awesome pic of you rocking your #shineagain wristband! This made my day :)) You do shine and Inspire 💖 I am still giving them away along (minus cost of shipping) with an MP3 download of the song :) go here Sending love and light to my #shineagain community. We got this! #endthestigma #changementalhealth one post at a time 😊

Every time I receive a picture for the #shineagain campaign it touches me so deeply. Oftentimes I even well up. It has been so inspiring to hear people’s stories and have this campaign be a part of someone’s healing journey. Through the pix, messages and posts I can’t believe we are doing it! Building a community of support and love to help one another Shine and #endthestigma Feeling much gratitude and so much love within around me. Thank You all and Thank You @perfectharmony2108 for this amazing & beautiful pic and uplifting us with your story!! If you’d like to participate in the #shineagain campaign. DM me for details! 🙏🌟💖 to all!

Needed me a smile today :) I must admit... I love Winnie the Pooh and the 100 acre wood gang! AND I think this quote is a magical reminder for us all. Blessings! and Goodnight to all 🙏🌟💖

In the spirit of #selfcare I’m trying to take some more down time - nature time - fun time and friend time! My sweetie and I headed out the beautiful Fontanel @fontanelnash. Magical place!! Caught this little picture of the sun setting through the trees. Wonderful time seeing a friend play her amazing songs at the Natchez Trace Winery. Enjoyed an awesome little flight there followed by a delicious dinner at their Italian restaurant. Reminder to self that it’s so important to step away from tasks and allow myself to enjoy life :)

Thank You! @ShaiLittlejohn / @Thestorieddesk for this awesome pic rockin' your I'm Gonna #ShineAgain wristband. LOVE IT!! You are the best and always so inspiring xo Friends! Please DM me up if you would like a free wristband. Will send one to your door (shipping costs n/i) Plus a free download of the song! It's been a little bit of a blue week and doing my best to stay positive. I never anticipated that the magic inside the people I've met doing this campaign would help me to #ShineAgain. So Much Gratitude. Have a Beautiful Night my dear ones.

Huge love and Light to @brainpatte for sharing this Beautiful #shineagain picture! Amazing creativity. LOVE how you created your selfie by writing on your hand! Thank You for sharing your light and inspiring people with your story 🙏💖🌟 IG friends please DM me if you’d like more info on how to participate in the #shineagain campaign to join our community and raise awareness for mental health 😊

One of the things that I'm trying to bring awareness to in my life is Balance. I realize that my health and moods are such powerful communicators of that one word. I've become so accustomed to pushing beyond my physical energy envelope, that I've lost sight of what my limits look like! Learning to listen again and honor them. True Balance begins with awareness - Learning to set better boundaries for self care & relaxing - Filling my days with the things that offer me Joy ad giving myself permission to limit or eliminate the things that don't!

Long but amazing day in the studio 😊🎶. Now it’s time for a girls night out with @thestorieddesk @shailittlejohn We be heading to Spain for some tapas! Just kidding we’re havin big fun in #nashville Time to relax and #shineagain #friyay #girlsniteout

THANK YOU to the beautiful @rosera_lee for this inspiring #ShineAgain picture. I love how you said, I have .... But they do not HAVE ME! Really empowering. Thank you for sharing your story and helping others to #ShineAgain! JOIN US and help to spread the light and raise awareness for mental wellness Please DM me for details or Look on the stream for examples and instructions or go to my website, Instructions to participate are under the #ShineAgain Project tab. #EndtheStigma #Iamthechange #changementalhealth

“My story encapsulates all of the bipolar and schizophrenia souls out there...or in here same difference @meredithblis#shineagain “ Thank you @jodomactorelse for sharing this beautiful art, message and story. We create so much light when we stand together and help one another to #shineagain!! —————- DM me if you are interested in joining the campaign to raise awareness about mental health. ............

Shout Out for #SHINEAGAIN selfies! As some of you know, the #ShineAgain campaign is all about raising awareness for mental health issues, building a community of hope & healing and creating an open conversation to help change mental health stigmas. I'd love your participation to keep the energy flowing! Instructions above for making a selfie / anonymous selfie or DM me for more info. THANK YOU for inspiring, sharing your story and being the change :)

Needed some inspiration today! This one was a powerful reminder that sometimes we need the love of those around us to help us reclaim our light. It's so important to have positive support around us, especially when we're feeling low or unwell. Last week a cold got me under the weather. And then last night my brain started into the downward spiral..... I have to remember that it's ok sometimes to take a step back and take care of me. When I'm low energy, sometimes a it triggers a loop in my brain that can be critical of both myself and others This week my goal is about accepting my energy where it's at, being conscious of negative thoughts and focusing on creating positive energy within and around me :) Who's in to join me?!?!

Happy Caturday!! Look what I got! A new Boss RC-300 looper pedal :) Wowee! Ain’t it the Cats meow?? Ok, so technically it belongs to Tony... BUT I’m actually pretty excited cause the box is all mine 😻 It’s about to get a little loopy round here :)

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