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You Have Star Power!

Oftentimes when I think deeply about Stars these Joni Mitchell lyrics come to mind...

“We are Stardust, We are Golden”

And that means ALL of us. You don’t need to be Deanna Carter or Chip Esten.

How is that true?.....

Our real glow comes from who we are Inside

It’s less about shining on the Opry Stage and more about the one who literally crawled on the Opry stage after the show and took probably around 50 selfies with different fans. (that was Chip) Our glow on the outside literally comes from the strength of our spirit on the inside. And the golden light reflects the kindness and love in our hearts. Star power is being the one who helps others. But the subtle key is to balance your energy by also giving to Yourself.

Stars know that they glow in order to shed light on others. It’s not all about them ;)

I often to say to friends, “There is enough room in the sky for all of us to be stars”

Being in the music industry, I see a lot of competition. Sometimes it’s subtle withholding or deception, but sometimes it’s as bold as back stabbing. I’ve been there, ouch!!!

On stage or off, hurting others to get ahead is Not real Star Power. It’s more like insecurity and bad behavior. And it will energetically chip away from your star aura. Those kinds of “stars” tend to crash & burn pretty quickly.

If you look up at the sky there a billions of stars. And funny enough, there’s room for ALL of them to shine. No hair pulling necessary. You don’t need to steal another person's glitter in order to make room for yourself to glow.

Star Power is bravely being who you are

I know they say every snowflake is different. But I wonder about stars, it’s probably true for them too. Part of what makes a true star shine is their uniqueness. We all have a Star DNA that makes us stand out. Part of this journey is figuring out what That ‘it’ factor is for You and then having the courage to put it out there. You don’t have to be in arts. We all have something special to give! That’s YOUR STAR POWER baby! It’s your gift to share with others :)

Shine on My Crazy Diamonds!

Sending you Blessings and Glitter