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Wise Words From Mom...

Mom was a very empathetic, compassionate & insightful kinda gal. I like to think that perhaps somewhere along the way, I absorbed some of that. It makes me smile when I remember her words of wisdom – they inspire me and I hope they will for you too :)

“It’s not what you say, It’s how you say it”

Funny enough, it’s possible to say the same thing with a different tone and state a completely different message.

Often the energy of our speech comes more from our inflection & volume than from the words we choose to say.


“Can you just leave me alone right now” (yelled at the top of your lungs)

“Can you just leave me alone right now” (gentle inside voice)

Both things convey the same message, but the difference in energy creates a contrasted experience for the listener. Note the irony that people don’t hear you as well when you are yelling.

I always keep this in my mind when speaking to people. We sometimes forget that words have a lot of power. How we speak them dramatically impacts our communication, its effect those we love and allowing our message to be heard clearly.

AND… this is one of the (many) reasons why texting can be a dangerous ground for serious conversations - you only see the words and you can’t hear the persons tone! Hence the importance of emoticons and lols.

“You never know what someone else is carrying”

She used to say that if everyone walked into a room with a suitcase of their “problems” and everyone placed their suitcase in the center with a view that allowed you to see in… you would probably pick up your own valise and run. Why does this matter? It reminds us to be patient and kind to everyone, as well as to not take things personally. Often we don’t know what battles people are fighting & what they’re going through.

“Count Your Blessings Not Your Problems”

It’s easy to spend our days complaining, pointing fingers, and whining. When you change your mindset and focus on the good stuff, amazing things happen. Nowadays the buzz word is Gratitude. Learning to focus on our blessings brings us up and creates more positive energy! When we focus on the negative unfortunately all we create is more problems.

“This too Shall Pass”

When we’re in the mire of a painful situation or tricky problem, the road often looks pretty bleak…. But eventually with time, we do heal and the sun comes out again. This little one reminds me to keep on keepin’ on and keep the faith that it will get better.

oh and here’s a funny one…

Mom was also a classy fashionista. Some of our biggest battles occurred when I was a teen, dying my hair black /blue/ purple, purposely ripping jeans or piercing my entire earlobe.

“You never know what something is really gonna look like until you try it on”

Sometimes that shirt or skirt might not look like much on the hanger but it might rock on YOU. If you think it has potential... Go For It – try it on, you may pleasantly surprised! This one came in handy recently when I was shopping for photo shoot. (those new pix on the way for you very soon!)


Mom passed in 1995 - it was 20 years this March so I guess she’s been on my mind a lot recently. I feel very blessed to have learned so much from such an amazing lady AND that she still inspires me to this day!

Hope her little sayings bring you some joy & inspiration as well

Love Light and Wisdom to you my dears!