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What To Do When There's TOO Much To Do

So alas is life – too much to do and it feels like too much to keep up with it all. Your brain feels like crazytown and there’s a list a mile long. Relax! I got ya covered. Here are some thoughts for culling the anxiety and helping you get the to-do’s DONE.

  1. Clear Out the Non-essentials!

Look at the To-Do List. Focus on what needs to happen NOW. Let go of everything that’s non-essential or doesn’t point directly to your next steps. Allow yourself to prioritize and say NO to everything else!

2. Taking Care of YOU is an Essential

This means proper sleep, diet & down-time. These are the places where it’s easy to skimp. Getting to bed late and waking up early, eating unhealthy food on the run, not drinking enough water and staying full tilt for days on end. Reminder to self: If you want to function at full capacity you need to give your body time to rest and your brain/organs the proper nutrients & hydration. Support your body and it will go the extra mile for you

3. Ground Thyself!

What are things you do to help you feel calm, centered and balanced? Make a list! AND include these activities everyday or least once a week. My list is things like hiking, getting out in nature, going to the gym or yoga class, meditation, down time with friends (positive people please!), going to bed early. I think for everyone, exercise (even a 10 min walk) is truly beneficial for clearing the mind and also alleviating stress. Allow yourself the time to take care of you.

4. Brain-Drain

Grab a pen an write down a master list of all that needs to get done. Getting it out of your brain and onto paper creates a clearer mind and lays a solid foundation to organize and prioritze

5. Watch your words

When things are nuts, I often have the habit of saying to myself and others around me, "Oh My I'm so busy - Things are so hectic" etc, etc.... When we repeat words that talk about the frenzied state, it sends a message to our subconscious mind that we are frenzied AND it confirms that mind-set within us. You are what you speak! Instead I remind myself that yes, although I have a lot going on.... It's all good and I'm gonna get it all done & it's gonna work out.... this piece of self-talk helps me tremendously to calm down and focus :)

One Last Thing.....

Oftentimes, the too much to do stems from life transitions. In these moments, I like to remind myself…“The only thing that stays the same is Change.”

I first heard this quote in a Melissa Etheridge song, but I’m sure the expression is also commonplace. And that’s it – Change is an inevitable part of our growth. It’s what launches us toward reaching our goals. The hard truth is that it can feel scary. Remembering this little phrase helps me to stay grounded and keep the faith that the universe has plan – I just need to take a step back, trust, and allow it to unfold….

Well, I’m so glad that I got a chance to drop a line before I head out on Friday. IF I don’t drop a line while I’m away, it’s no love lost for YOU – but I’m taking some down-time ;)

Wishing you joy, love, light and a magical day!