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What is your Superpower?

Kids are such magical beings.

While teaching today, I went to greet one of my amazing students for his weekly lesson. I said Hello! Without a beat, he looked at me and asked

“If you could have any superpower, what would it be?”

I was taken aback, I said, “Wow! what a great question - I’ve never actually thought about it”

As I began to ponder, I asked his nanny “So, what would your superpowers be?”

She said, “I actually have 3 - to fly, breathe under water, and to have a shield around me that protects those close to me and keeps them safe from harm.” I said, “Awesome! “That’s beautiful!” Then it hit me, I said “I’d like to be able to travel anywhere - transport - Like if I say I want to be in New Mexico - boom- I’m there with my friends - Play a show in NYC - boom- spend the eve and then be back in time the for work, the next afternoon” Teleportation that’s my thing…. And then I added, “Also, perfect pitch (yeah, that’s a given for some, yet for me? it feels like a superpower…..)

I asked my student and he said he wants to run as fast The Flash.

As I was doing my meditation that evening, it dawned on me to share this whole idea of superpowers It was truly enlightening because it showed me some things inside my soul that I hadn’t even realized that I was longing for.

Unfortunately, I cannot teleport (bummer!) but wanting this made me realize that I truly desire to be spending more time with my peeps in other cities, tour a little more AND sharpen aspects of my musicianship. What powerful Insights!

Seriously, this is fun, Take a moment

What superpower would you choose?

What does this tell you about things you want to achieve or are longing for in your life?

How can we make these superpowers work for us? Even though teleporting is probably not gonna happen in my lifetime….. Perhaps I can take steps to travel more to see my friends in other cities and plan more gigs out of Nashville. THAT is possible And something like perfect pitch is actually NOT a superpower, there are lots of tools at my fingertips that could help me to sharpen my ears.

Let's take this a step further

barring abilities like teleporting, flying, invisibility and similar feats of marvel comic mayhem, we all actually DO have superhero skills that we take for granted. Human superpowers don’t always have to be comparable to Spiderman.

We all have incredible gifts. Ie: maybe you’re an amazing chef, incredible singer, super parent, shopper, number cruncher, athlete, animal whisperer, doctor, computer programmer, builder, etc The list goes on. Your talent doesn’t have to be as supernatural as a jedi knight (ooooh! I think I’d choose that one too….) IN this REAL WORLD today - honor your gifts. These magical things that you do Super Well are YOUR SUPER POWERS.

Let that sink in - You ARE already a superhero! Sometimes it’s just a matter of taking a step back and acknowledging your skills.

This unique prowess, whatever it may be, is YOUR own kind of beautiful. Kinda awesome, right?

SO…. what’s your superpower?

Drop a line back - I’d love to hear about it :)

Til’ we meet again

Rock ON and May Your Superpowers Shine!

Let’s celebrate our magic!! And continue this journey together to support each other in Being Our OWN Kind of Beautiful

Love You!