Tips To Help You Be Worry Free

I am so grateful for such an amazing vacation! The mountains and the down time gave me some beautiful space for self-reflection...There is such a power in stepping out of the day to day and having the time to listen to our heart.

Around my 2nd or 3rd day I noticed within myself a lightness of being. I realized that I wanted to identify the shift. Beyond being on vacay, what was missing that was giving me space to breathe a little easier & feel a little more free?

A word came to mind - WORRY. I realized that I was feeling such inner peace because I wasn’t worrying about anything.

If dinner plans cancelled, no biggie. If I felt tired, I allowed myself to honor that, take a nap (and not beat myself up over it!). I seriously had this deep experience & realization about how much I stress and micromanage in my everyday life!

Sadly I hadn't even noticed the heavy emotional weight I was carrying from worry!

Happily, I realized that releasing fear and doubt opens up some serious space for greater joy!

My goal is to bring more of this magic into my ‘real life’ Focus on Happy and let go of the fear…

I’m pretty excited to see what happens…Here are some things I’ve been thinking about…

1. Trust, Allow and Let it Go

For some of us, the inclination is to control everything. And the reality is that we can’t always run the show. Life is not always going to go as planned. Get over it. If something changes acknowledge the shift and stay open to the opportunities that it might bring you! Exhale, take a step back and stay open. Change can be an adjustment, allow yourself to walk the new path, and let go of what was! The only thing that stays the same is Change.

2. Embrace the Present Moment

When we wallow in the past, we destroy our present moment! Yes of course sometimes we need ‘down’ time to work through sad or angry emotions. That’s all good. However, when we start to live in that downtrodden place we hinder our joy in the present moment. For me, Forgetting about yesterday and Releasing worry about tomorrow is a powerful way to embrace the reasons to be happy in the Now. Look around you Right Now - what is there to be grateful for? What can you do to cultivate peace within?

3. Stay Positive! and UNPLUG

Ok, I don’t want to get all “The Secret,” but it’s true, we can choose what to think and what we think can alter of state our wellness or dis-ease. Think darkness and things look pretty bleak, think light and you will be amazed by what appears!

The internet, TV, Facebook, etc…. seriously impact our brains. Yes, I love to zone out on a good book or movie/tv show. However, it’s important to be aware that the media we ingest can be toxic to our mindset. Think of it like chocolate cake - one (or two) slices are yummy on occasion but a full diet of it wreaks havoc on your digestion, energy, and brain. Same thing with media. I notice a huge shift when I use moderation in my media ingestion. Bring awareness to what brings you down and either limit or eliminate it! Negativity begets worry!


  • What you're trying to control
  • When you’re fretting about the past or future (note: fretting is different than planning)
  • When your brain starts to go all Donny Darko
  • When TV, News or the Net affect your sense of well-being
  • When the people around you are weighing you down or uplifting you

Allow Yourself!

  • To be open to change
  • To be grateful for the present moment
  • To let go of the past
  • To Allow the future to unfold
  • To unplug from negativity
  • Surround yourself with beauty and the things that bring you joy

Let me know how it goes!

What I learned is that Worry-Free Equals Happy!

Life is always an evolving journey - so blessed to be sharing it with you!

Til’ Next time.

Hugs and Big Love.