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The Wisdom of Lucy and a Charlie Brown Christmas

When I first moved to Nashville - It was a little rough adjusting to a new city - I didn’t have a lot of friends and I felt a little isolated. I think anyone who has moved a new place can relate. Change is sometimes hard and it takes time to settle in.

Admittedly, I was kind of moping around one day and my best friend said to me

“You know what you need Charlie Brown?”, (Calling me Charlie Brown was her way of calling attention to my dismal attitude), “You need involvement!”

She was quoting Lucy from A Charlie Brown Christmas.

It made me mad - Here I was feeling pretty low and her answer is involvement? Seriously?

BUT I must admit her wisdom was truth.

As you know, I have been working on getting "Shine Again" out to share the message of raising awareness about depression and promoting healing for those of us (present company included) who struggle with this challenge.

And here’s something I’ve learned along the way. Lucy was right!!


  • By putting our energy towards others needs, it takes the edge off the racing thoughts.
  • By forcing ourselves to leave the house, it helps us to motivate, even if its for just a few hours.
  • When we interact with others it helps us to see that we are cared for and offers human connection.
  • When we do things for others it helps us to to see that we add value to the world and can make a difference.

But there are 2 things that must be in place for this magic to happen

Your Self Care is essential. Mange your schedule so that you aren’t pushing the boundaries of your well being.

Make sure that the time and energy you are giving goes to a place that gives back and brings light to your heart.

(Note: SOMETIMES the magic lies in taking a step back and giving to YOURSELF :)

I know all too well, whether it’s a deep depression or just the blues, how it can feel like a marathon to get out of bed, take a shower and then push ourselves to leave the house. But I've realized that involvement can be a valuable healing tool. I think it’s because helping others can invigorate us and therefore it somehow becomes a gift we give ourselves.

Another piece of this puzzle is learning to connect with your inner voice - I always try to discern whether I’m unmotivated to participate because there’s too much going on / I need rest or am I unmotivated because I’m feeling like ‘Charlie Brown’….?

Unlike Charlie Brown, you don’t need to direct a Christmas play to get involved - but his INVOLVEMENT in the play brought the gift of understanding the true meaning of Christmas which helped HIM to find some joy.

Ask yourself - WHAT FILLS UP YOUR CUP?

When you can figure that out? Pour away and then get a refill!

Wishing you a season filled with magic, joy, light, togetherness and a rerun of Charlie Brown Christmas.