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The Story Of The Farmer's Luck

Imagine if we were able to suspend judgment for a moment and just look at things as they are. Ya never know what life is gonna throw at you…. ! It’s human to label things as good or bad, but something I’m starting to see is that oftentimes it’s only our perception that makes it so.

Labels help to organize our brains, so we tend to create boxes to interpret our experiences – good, bad, happy, sad, etc…

In my experience, it’s the assumptions and interpretations that make my head spin and my thoughts swirl. It’s the judgment of the experiences that tends to create crazymaking emotions…

The magic of thinking this way is that it enables us to just be, in the moment with what Is. Which makes life more about what happens and less about our perception of it.

It’s hard to ever know for sure the long term result of any circumstance. Imagine if we trust that everything (good & bad) has a purpose and is meant to guide us on our perfect path. In times of stress that helps me to exhale!

That is the real secret. To accept what happens as perfect synchronicity in our lives regardless of how good or bad we perceive experiences to be. Imagine if we believed that our life has always been in perfect alignment for our highest good and it always will be…

When we are living in peace, there is more peace around us. When the mind waxes into chaos it tends to create more chaos around us. A peaceful mind enables us to float through life with much more ease.

So Here, I share one of my new favorites stories cause I think it perfectly illustrates a pretty hip, albeit waaaay Zen, mindset of peace.


The Farmers Luck…

It’s the tale of a farmer in China, long ago. One day the farmer’s only horse runs away.

All of the farmer’s neighbors say “Oh, what bad fortune!”

The farmer merely replies “Perhaps. We’ll see.”

Then, the next day, the farmer’s horse returns to the farm with a wild stallion. Now the farmer has two horses.

“Oh, what great fortune!” the neighbors say.

“Perhaps. We’ll see,” replies the farmer.

Then, the farmer’s only son needs to tame the wild stallion. In the process, the son is thrown off the horse, and the young man breaks his leg.

“Oh, what bad fortune!” all the neighbors say.

“Perhaps. We’ll see,” replies the farmer once again.

A couple of weeks later, the army comes into town, to round up men to fight in the war. The farmer’s son cannot join the army, because of his broken leg.

“Ah, what wonderful fortune that your son cannot go to fight in the war, because he broke his leg, because he was taming the wild stallion, because your first horse ran away in the first place!”

“Perhaps…” said the farmer again.


And the story could go and on… but you get the point. Maybe the events that occur in our lives aren't Good or Bad and It’s our perception, that makes it so...

Oftentimes we can’t control life anyway. So the best we can do is strive to do our best. The bumps in the road that happen along the way? Are they actually good or bad? We Don’t Know – in that moment what feels terrible may turn out to be a blessing or visa versa.

The only thing we know for sure is that events are fleeting - within time we are on to the next thing. When we pass judgment, this just gives us more baggage to carry on the journey!

And as my mom would say, “This too shall pass” and yeah, that’s also true for the good stuff.

But is anything actually good or bad? PERHAPS?...... WE’LL SEE”

Til next time,

Sending you Love, Light and Peace