The Story Behind Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

I moved to Nashville over 5 years ago and at that time said, “ it’s time to hang my hat as an artist and just focus on songwriting” I never felt as though as I was giving up on myself, my creativity or my music in any way. I simply had made a decision to change course and zero in on writing for other artists as opposed to performing and touring as an indie artist.

What’s that old expression?

When Man Plans, God Laughs. I never dreamed that here I would be in Nashville 7 years later with both a new single AND an electronic stage show.

I’m glad I let the universe take the lead!

What happened? I’m not quite sure…. But here’s what I can say. The more I focused on only writing for others, the more I felt like my voice was being left out the equation. Why write if I was feeling like I had to say only what it was OK to say. Only the words that someone else might want to sing. Only the things that other people wanted to hear. There were too many rules to follow. I got confused. Writing started to feel empty and stifled if I had to focus on leaving my true feelings off the page.

I think that’s a big piece of where this song came from. My own kind of beautiful is a little quirky, a little metaphoric, a little glitter fairy dust, a little too honest and sometimes a little raw or dark…. My primary influences were artists like Tori Amos or Sarah McLaughlin and recently Imogen Heap. They are Not the kind of girls who hold back or fit into a box. It took me a while to realize that it’s OK if that the prosaic box doesn’t work for me. Perhaps…. it’s OK to be me. I can play nice and write with the other children…. BUT I also needed an outlet for my true creative expression.

I also realized hey…. I’ve worked damn hard on being a vocalist, as well as my piano chops and I’m becoming halfway decent at production. AND I LOVE all of those things! Why force myself to leave those pieces of myself at the curb and just write… I don’t know where those passions will take me but it’s a shame to cut off those pieces of my creativity- It makes me sad when I don't express them, so I owed myself an opportunity to give them a place to shine.

In addition, I needed to come to the conclusion that it was OK to be different in a city of cowboys/girls and people clamoring to get that one big cut. Yes, that is still on my bucket list! However, I know I’m not going to get there by trying to sound like any of the big writers out there. There is already someone, THEM, doing what they do! And they do that better than I ever could. It doesn’t work to imitate what the ‘hit-makers’ are doing. I needed to find a path to do what I DO.

Truth is.... I’m still not 100% sure What THAT thing I DO best is. But I’m learning to trust myself more. I’m learning to listen to myself more. I’m learning to embrace the things that make me different. And I'm learning to give myself permission to break some rules.

I'm also learning to acknowledge the unique gifts that others have. Not everyone thinks the same or has the same strengths. And hallelujah! That’s a good thing! Imagine if we all had the same gifts? Then who would ever do that stuff we are Not good at. It’s super amazing when we realize that others think differently than us and and that’s what makes things work!

So remember to embrace and honor the Unique Beautiful inside of You

And remember to embrace and honor the Unique Beautiful of those Around You.

It’s a journey - I hope you will join me and be a part of the Beautiful Revolution!

There are pieces in you that are exquisite as well as things that no one else can duplicate.

May you shine on and share them.

I promise, the world needs you and people want to listen. Allow yourself to be heard.

If you’re in Nashville, join me on Friday. Trusting the universe, I think it’s all gonna work out :)

Love, Light and many blessings to you