The Power Of Music

Last Sunday was my favorite night of the year - The Grammys! I was once again reminded of the incredible power of music. So many moments of chills, incredible voices, songs and the Power of Music.

There is nothing like hearing a song that we relate to and it says you are not alone in your deep emotions or how the right song can positively raise our spirits, give us confidence or even help us shed the tears that we need to express.

As you can probably guess, I am not that familiar with current rap or hip-hop scene. That being said I was hugely touched by the message of Logic’s song (with Alessia Cara & Khalid) "1-800-273-8255". It’s the 800 number for the suicide prevention hotline - not even mentioned in the technical lyrics of the song BUT the song talks about the journey of being depressed and wanting to give up. It’s so scary to me that this message is so relevant to our times! The good news? This song has raised huge awareness - after the release.

According to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (NSPL), in the three weeks following the single's release, calls directed to the NSPL rose by 27%, while visits to their website increased from 300,000 to 400,000 over the following months.[14]

Lifeline's Director of Communications Frances Gonzalez reported that, following the night of the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards, [where the song was peformed] the NSPL experienced a 50% surge in the number of calls to their hotline. [15]

The Magic of Music is that we can use it to make a difference and that was the intention of Logic when he released the song to use his voice and platform for change!

In my little way I have a similar mission with “Shine Again” - to share the message of hope and healing for people struggling with mental health issues. I’ve been there, I still go there at times and I understand. We need to spread the word that there is help available, you are not alone and even if you’re feeling lost, please know your precious being here matters to this world.

Alas, I have no Grammy or MTV performance scheduled (yet?) so I need your help.

In early March we are set to release the official Shine Again Music Video!

Our mission with this video is to raise awareness, heal lives & change mental health stigmas by providing a message of hope to people as well as access to resources they need for wellness.

There's an easy & fun way for you to support this project and help to make a difference.

Join us in promoting healing. Here’s what you can do to pitch in!

  • $5 gets you a mp3 download of "Shine Again"
  • $10 gets you an online backstage pass to a pre-release video viewing + the mp3 download.
  • $25 gets YOUR NAME in THE CREDITS at the end of the video + the online backstage pass + mp3 download
  • $100 YOU CAN BE IN THE VIDEO! No need to go to Nashville, we will green screen in a pic of your choice! (you also get screen credits + the backstage pass + mp3)

To get involved in the Shine Again Project and receive your gifts - send your tax-free contribution via PayPal (paypal.me/BlisMusic) and I will send you a receipt with your gifts!

In the spirit of change, I recently made a pledge with a charity called ChangeDirection.org. Their purpose is to help people recognize the signs of depression, offer resources for healing and suicide prevention. A percentage of your proceeds to support "Shine Again" will go to Change Direction.

THANK YOU for being on this journey with me!

When we stand united and in support of each other magic happens.

Your support matters. Thank you for contributing and making a difference. I have so much gratitude for your support.

Blessings, Love and Joy,