The Magic of Acceptance

I recently picked up a new book called “Radical Acceptance” by Tara Brach. Even for me, a self help spiritual aficionado - the title and content seemed to be a bit much….. But ….. the recommendation came from a dear friend whom I really trust. So, I figured I’d at least give it a try.

Thus far it’s bringing me back to my spiritual roots of Vipassana Meditation (a Buddhist tradition) and it has been an unbelievable experience of bringing some much needed calm and awareness.

And Hello Synchronicity! A lot of the concepts in the book connect to the lyric from the bridge of Shine Again! (see lyrics above)

We spend so much energy fighting how we feel

We spend so much energy judging our darker emotions (anger, sadness, jealousy)

We spend so much energy running crazy with busyness in order to avoid inner conflicts.

What if instead we said, "Hello Dark Emotions!"

How are you?

Why are you visiting?

What’s up?

Sounds crazy but the idea is that if we can look at the appearance of certain emotions, name them, allow ourselves to feel them, sit with them then allow them to wash over us and swim within us without judgement….

A magical thing happens…. they begin to dissipate and we begin to accept our emotions. Imagine that Magic!?!?!

Another word for that kind of magic is Compassion

Here’s what I mean (as it relates to the bridge of Shine Again)

I recently had a realization in that I tend to judge my sadness & depression. I hear the world saying you ‘should’ be happy - I tell myself there is something wrong with me - I ask myself WHY and as you can imagine (or you can relate), the internal dialogue starts to spiral into a more negative place because judging my emotions digs me deeper into the hole of sadness and isolation.

“When you’re living below zero, Tears feel like icicles”

BUT I’m discovering that if I simply listen & sit with the pain, the frustration, the tears AND

“I Bless them as they fall”

Then it’s not sooooo bad - it just is - in a moment I might be crying or feeling sad but when I allow it - I also allow it to be OK. I allow myself to not feel flawed, I honor my emotions and most importantly I accept myself.

I have found that this process of ‘sitting’ with the emotions as opposed to fighting them.

“Helps the Frost to Thaw”

We are human.

We are a sensitive creatures.

Let's have some compassion for our spirits :)

Would love your thoughts on this!

Meantime - stay tuned!

16 days and til’ we SHINE AGAIN

Love You!