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The Beauty of Reverence

I have to be honest, IRREVERENT is one of my favorite words. :) Sometimes breaking social norms & not doing what’s expected of us, gives us an amazing freedom to express our true self.

However, there is also a huge power in REVERENCE – honoring ourselves & those around us. Perhaps the 2 meet when life calls for a little irreverence in order to bring reverence to our highest self & purpose.

As I delved into the textbook for this level 2 class, I came across a little section on the power of reverence in communication that I wanted to share, because it made me ponder…. (as you know, I like to do that… & then of course, share the musings with you!)

We communicate all day long – text, email, speech, body language and sometimes even through silence (ie: not responding to people ;) Sometimes I find myself in situations where I don’t know what to say or I want to be super conscious that my words are graceful. This passage really brought some clarity to me. Our words and communications have impact – how can we process them, project our light and also be kind? This quote is by Yogi Bhajan and taken from his lectures compiled in the book, “The Mind - It’s Projections & Multiple Facets

“Your mind can be educated. Take your mind and start it on a thought. Have the thought: “Do I have reverence, or don’t I have reverence?” Now, I’m telling you how the mind can be educated. Ask if you have reverence or you don’t. If you have no reverence, don’t communicate. Stop right there. If you do have reverence, then you must revere your thought, and that thought must be honored to prevail and command every aspect of your communication. The creation acts on cause and effect. It will honor each cause you cause unto Infinity, even if your mind does not. So ask your mind if you, not your mind, has reverence. Project a positive reverence and eternal respect, for everything whether it is negative and unwanted or positive and desired. Show the same reality, compassion and understanding. If you give reverence to all, the universe will revere you. Ultimately you will revere and trust yourself.”

And I think at the end of the day, one of the most important things is learning to having reverence for ourselves. Perhaps we can hone this by having a reverence for both the positive and negative within us and others... and expressing it with compassion as we connect to those around us.

Love, Light, Reverence and Irreverence (when necessary ;)