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Some Insights on Learning to Be Brave

Oftentimes I think back to back to the magical words that Christopher Robin said to Winnie the Pooh….

I owe it to my amazing friends and magical music team for often reminding me of these powerful words. As we pass through this journey of life, I’m learning that when we build a village of loved ones around us, the people we choose can help to uplift us in ways in truly incredible ways.

So….. Here’s my confession …..

I have lived a lot of my life, being a little shy with my creativity. Some days I feel a little insecure sharing projects and videos. It takes a lot for me to put stuff out there. I think some of you artist friends might be able to relate.

I admire my artist friends who just post everything with reckless abandon - “ here’s a selfie of me and my guitar in my pjs on a sunday morning….”

I struggle with being brave and sharing simple things!

Over the past week, I’ve had some a-ha moments and for today I’m feeling a little more uplifted and confident.

"Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful" for me, has been about the inner path of self-discovery & learning to standing tall. The first step of understanding Who we are and our so called Purpose is an ongoing journey. We are constantly evolving as people. As we get older we are continually enlightened about our inner truth and as our lives change so do our hearts. Ideally the more we begin to stand in our light, the more we can begin to embrace self love (and that scary word…. confidence!)

I think learning to love ourselves is the key. Once that puzzle piece is in place it opens us up to care less about what other people think. It also enables us to have a stronger sense of believing in ourselves, discovering clarity in our goals, as well as being able to prioritize and say NO to what doesn’t serve us.

My road here often twists and turns and many days I find myself jumping over mud puddles, getting rocks in my sandals, and sometimes scaling what feels like endless mountain or pushing away boulders. I think we all do….

The key is that we keep on walking, standing tall on our path. I try to remember to stay Brave and also be grateful for my gifts as well as for those amazing people who support me. That means you!

So I’m gonna be brave and end todays missive with a little gift. Here is a video I did at a private house concert. I found myself feeling a little like the prosaic Piglet about it…. aka playing small. But a friend found it on YouTube and said Oh My Goodness I Love it!

This song, "Make You Feel My Love" by Bob Dylan has a truly magical message and it’s one I want to share with you! The energy of LOVE rules! May it always surround You. And it the words of one of my favorite divas, Sarah Bareilles, "I wanna see YOU be brave!"

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