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Solutions for UnBeautiful Moments

OK, so here I am. I’ve spent nearly a year working on this new single and video. The release party Rocked! So grateful!! (footage forthcoming:) I’m getting great feedback on the track (Wowee!) and Then…..




I had a huge glitch to my CDbaby upload - the artwork had an error. I had to cancel the whole online distribution at the precise time I was beginning to finally share the music!

I got crazy sick with a flu/sinus/fatigue thing that kept me comatose for almost a week

By the time I got back on my feet - I then had some unforeseen delays with the mastering of track….

And the kicker - all of this chaos killed my sharing mojo!!!

Indie Artists out there, can you relate? We put so much blood and love into our work, it’s so painful when we end up in a standstill place and we can’t move forward. The feeling of being Stuck really takes a toll on our precious spirits. Feeling like we’re in the mud is something we all can relate to, in any profession or endeavor.

This UnBeautiful moment forced me to dig deeper & to look at the not so perfect things inside myself that are innately Meredith Blis…..

How do we learn to love our ‘imperfect pieces’?

In my case, here's what I discovered ...

I’m finally accepting that my ADD is a real thing, I get distracted & overwhelmed easily. Hence the error in the artwork upload

If I push myself too hard I get sick and I have to honor that I need extra rest and self care right now.

I’m slow to make decisions because I doubt my instincts. And that created a time lapse in approving the final track.

And when things come crashing down, I tend to get depressed which makes it harder to move through the mud!

These are the Not So Beautiful things about me, that I needed to look at more deeply. In order to Be Our Own Kind of Beautiful it’s crucial to actually know WHO we ARE and realize that’s OK! We are not meant to change our quirks and differences. The Key is accepting ourselves without judgment, like we would a friend.

In that knowing & acceptance, if there are things we want to shift or attend to because they help us live with more joy, that’s a positive thing. The key is not forcing ourselves to live inside a box of what we feel we should be!

Here’s what I mean…..

Perhaps, instead of judging my time frame it’s more powerful to learn to honor my process. And stay more connected with my intuition.

Perhaps, instead of forcing myself to keep 10 balls juggling, it’s more powerful to slow down and keep my eye on one ball in any given moment.

Perhaps, instead of feeling terrible about myself when I get sick or depressed, it’s more powerful to slow down and rest when I need to and even more importantly, create a schedule and life that has healthy boundaries against overwhelm.

Judgement around who we are creates a mindset that we have ‘flaws’ and need to fixed. That’s the kind of crap that forces us to bend and break in ways that don’t honor who we are ….

A negative Perfection is a comparison to what other people are doing and beating up on ourselves because we feel we don’t measure up.

A Positive Perfection is knowing, This is who I am and allowing ourselves to be that person :)

And the result of this? Well, I’m back up on Spotify with both the Beautiful Artwork and a Beautifully Mastered Track I would be honored if you would follow me!

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At the end of the day, I made it happen. Let’s celebrate our victories!! And continue this journey together to support each other in Being Our OWN Kind of Beautiful

Love You!