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Solutions For New Years Resolutions

“Yes I’ll Make a Resolution that I’ll Never Make Another One….

Just enjoy this ride on my Trip Around the Sun”

- jimmy buffet “trip around the sun”

Solutions NOT Resolutions

Happy New Year and Welcome to Change and solving the problems in your world that you didn’t get to last year. AND let's make it all happen in the first week!!! or at least in the month of January !!!– right?? Hmmm…… And that’s why so called resolutions feel futile. The pressure of too much change all at once overwhelms us. So, it makes sense that we can’t keep up! We blame ourselves and then fall back into the patterns that we want to shift.

So, I have compiled these 5 easy tips to help you create Real Shifts in 2015. You got this!

1. Realize that you are actually already perfect the way you are.

Since I tend to forget…. I have this awesome quote as a reminder next to my desk.

I truly believe that we are all a beautiful :) And, that beautiful is blend of our strengths and our so called ‘flaws’. The first step is accepting ourselves 100% where we are, Right Now in this moment. You are who you are and that’s exactly who you are supposed to be. And if you want to make improvements that’s awesome. Don't think you need to fix something in you that's broken - approach it as improving your fabulousness!

2. Recognize Resistance

Humans don’t actually Love Change. We like stability, a solid foundation, routines - and the things that we are used to.

So understand, even when we say we want to shift something it’s darn scary to our spirit when things start to change. Acknowledge that, that’s the place from which a lot of resistance or falling back into old ways comes from. We Like what we are familiar with and we tend to resist what’s different. So be kind to yourself – Big Change brings up the innate fear response. Honor It, and you will be able to stay one step ahead of your Resistance

3. Baby Steps

Oftentimes the problem isn’t Will Power – it’s that we turn our world upside down all at once and then expect to keep walking straight. Life doesn’t work like that.

Change is HARD because when we shift something big – all the little things around us change too. So how can we keep walking? Baby Steps!!

Instead of going from Christmas Sugar Binging to promising never to eat sugar again Maybe just start by cutting sugar intake?

Instead of swearing that you will go to the gym for 2 hours everyday for the rest of your life – Make a promise to go for 45min – 3x for THIS week. It's much less stress for the brain to comprehend short periods of time and simple tasks. And if you have a busy lifestyle, be realistic with your steps - too much change all at once has the potential to create chaos. Make a plan based on tiny steps. That way if you have a slip up? Well it will only take a tiny step to get back on track!

4. Build Support

Have a friend who also has some new goals?

Team up and keep each other supported, motivated and available if someone is having a challenging moment. It keeps you accountable and it’s a great way to track progress. Also, Journal your wins & challenges for a few minutes each evening. Learning how to support yourself is an invaluable way to strengthen your spirit and your resolve. (And please avoid people who don’t support your vision ;) )

5. Keep your goals and reasons in your Line of Vision

Be clear about WHY - Take pictures. measurements & make lists to serve as reminders of Why you want to create this change. Refer to it in challenging moments. Also, plan to give yourself presents along the way as you reach your goal - no need to wait til' you're done!

You Can do this!

Send me your thoughts and ideas and keep me posted on progress :)

You Are Beautiful!

Love, Light, Music & Boundless Joy