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Solutions For Feeling Stuck

I tend to get introspective in the fall and look for answers….. I also tend to have a high level of compassion for the people around me. I listen and try to help ;) One of the blessings about being a teacher is that it enables me to offer this gift to people so that they can uncover their path and move forward towards their goals with more focus and joy -- yay!

Here are 4 solid discoveries I’ve made along the way to strengthen my vision and help my students thrive towards their goals. I hope they can offer you some light and strength to Shine On your journey!

1. Embrace your YOU-niqueness

Sometimes we feel lost or unmotivated because we are not sure what we are supposed to be doing. Even if we have a passion, sometimes it’s hard to know where our little niche is within that field. Here’s a simple equation for you to help figure it out.

What Are...

  • the things you Love to do
  • the skills you are best at
  • the issues that get your heart pumping
  • the ‘quirks’ and things that make you different.

Add them up and that’s the core of who you really are. Use this information about self discovery to help you see if what you are doing is really in alignment with your spirit. Note: make sure your answers are the ones that truly come from your heart, not the expectations of those around you ;) Which leads us to #2...

2. Stop Worrying About What Other People Think

Easier said than done. But once we let go of other peoples expectations we open up a new fabulous playground for us to be our best self. You are never going to please all the people all of the time and newsflash: there are some people who are never going to resonate with your message. As Dr. Suess said… “The people who mind don’t matter and the people that matter don’t mind”.

It’s much more fabulous to live your life expanding into your best self than twisting into a mold that doesn’t fit. Read history - most people who created change or charted new horizons were at some point criticized. As long as no one’s getting hurt, don’t let being called ‘crazy’ or ‘different’ be a bad thing. If people are talking? Maybe you are on to something! (see Lady Gaga pic above ;)

3. Don't Judge Others

So as per #2 – people are always going to spout their opinions on what/who we should or shouldn’t be. An opinion is not fact, it is simply one person's point of view. When it’s negative or judgmental, it can hurt and be detrimental to someone else's path or state of mind. Don’t be the person touting the criticism of others. It helps nobody and the negative energy it creates only Weighs You Down. Do your thing and allow others to do their thing. In raising your positive vibration you’ll naturally begin to raise the vibration of the people around you and without saying a word, teach a valuable lesson of grace to others.

4. Clear Your Blocks

Most of us have ‘psychic baggage’ that keeps up stuck. Find a way to release it. See last week’s post on Forgiveness – That one is huge. Heal your relationships. Grieve your losses. Let go of the things you can’t change. Move on from past mistakes. Honor your anger. A clogged subconscious mind has a sneaky way of keeping us circling in old patterns and blocking forward motion. Clear it. Find your healing path and commit to making yourself whole. As you know I’m a huge fan of meditation. We say in yoga that meditation is like a shower for the mind. We clean our bodies, our houses, our cars, etc -it's also important to take the time to clean our precious minds.

IF you are in a place where you are feeling stuck I hope this list helps. And if you want to take a step further? Check out the Voga – “Your Authentic Voice” series. It is based on offering real tools to help you deepen your creative spirit and move forward on your path. It includes, meditations, buddy support, plus both physical & creative exercises to focus, honor and strengthen your unique voice. (no previous vocal or yoga experience required). The first 5 people to sign up by October 1 – get a free one on one coaching session with me! Details Here.

Wanna have some Voga in your city? Let me know and we can set up a workshop!

I look forward to seeing you shine

You are beautiful!