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Solutions for Creative Brain-Freeze

Ahhhh…. Those moments in life when the mind starts to fog and coherent thoughts start to wane…. or you have a creative project to complete and the brain isn’t delivering…. Yikes! What do you do next?

Below are some of my favorite tips and tricks. But the most important thing is to show yourself some understanding and compassion. It happens to everyone! Realization of the moment is really powerful. When we can observe what’s going on within us, this allows us to move forward with awareness. And awareness is a great tool to help us to figure out what to do next or instead accept the fact that perhaps this ‘brain-freeze’ is an opportunity to take a different direction, a break, or focus on something else for a bit.

1. Journal

This is one of my favorite tools for clearing the psychic clutter! Grab a notebook and just write. Anything. Sometimes it helps to set a timer for 10 minutes, put your pen to paper and don’t stop til’ it rings. It doesn’t have to make sense – Just write anything.

2. Fill the creative well with something New!

Read a book, Watch a Movie. Or better yet, be bold Go Out and absorb some art. Go hear some live music, check out a museum or art gallery, go to the movie theater, or a book shop. It’s not even necessary to look for any new ‘brilliant’ ideas – just allow yourself to chill and enjoy some creative energy.

3. Shine On!

Sometimes, if the brain isn’t feeling ‘actively’ creative, this creates an awesome opportunity to use our analytical mind. Look at some older works and see if you can do some editing and shine them up a bit.

4. Woodshed

Focus on honing your instrument or craft. Do some structured exercises. Giving the brain boundaries is helpful. And you can never go wrong with getting extra instrument or vocal practice!! I love to dig up old some classical pieces, learn a new cover or do some writing exercises.

5. Get moving!

Take a walk in nature – I sometimes even just walk around my apt complex! Go to the gym- get on the treadmill or take a cardio type class. The endorphins that get kicked up through exercise can really help to get the mind moving again.

6. Create stillness

Do some meditation, breath work, or lie on your back with arms at your sides and relax. Any of these techniques are awesome for calming the mind & alleviating stress.

7. Do you need to rest?

Sometimes we get blocked for the simple reason that we are just tired! If you’re feeling exhausted there’s no use in pushing yourself. Get a good night's sleep or take a nap. Allow yourself to rest and your brain will be much brighter when you pick back up again

8. Have Some FUN!

Take a breather and do something else that you enjoy. Sometimes the brain shuts off because we need some new or different energy. Our society nowadays often has us running on a hamster wheel 24/7 and we forget to schedule ‘me’ time or plain old FUN time with friends. You’d be surprised how a few hours or an eve off with your buddies can invigorate your spirit!

9. Play in a different medium

Do something creatively different. For example: My main outlet is music but I also enjoy painting, writing poetry, baking, cooking…. So pick up something that’s not your main focus and have fun with it!

10. Drink some extra water or have a wholesome meal

As simple as it sounds, dehydration can affect our neurological functioning. When we’re in a crunch the general go to is caffeine which dehydrates the body and if we’ve been on the go chances are we’ve been spending less time in the kitchen and more time with take out or instant & processed foods. Watch out for gluten. For many people that can create a ‘spacey’ brain. Eating fresh veggies, fruits, & whole foods is medicine for your body and your mind!

Well, that list should keep us both busy for the next few months at least! Let me know how your do and please write back and share with me,

What are some of your favorite things to do to cultivate creative energy?

Til Next Time,

Love Light and Candy Corns