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Shine Your Light - One Candle at a Time

I am not a fan of the news, truth be told, I don’t have cable or a TV.

My pop culture addiction is more of a Netflix variety…. Bingewatching. LOL

I tend to avoid the news because of the violence and negativity makes me sad. I do my best to stay ‘informed’ by scanning headlines.

In the wake of the tragedy that occurred in Orlando last weekend, my heart is heavy and my soul has a lot of questions……

For those of you who know me, I tend to be a positive sort, so I look for answers.

What can be done to create a societal shift that will turn our hearts from Hate to Love?

I understand that big change doesn’t happen in one fell swoop. But I think that it can start with each individual. So todays article talks about ways we can begin the journey of change, for peace and for healing……

Even a little bit of light combats darkness

Picture a birthday candle in a dark stadium. The tiny glow would be bright enough to guide you and illuminate a path. There is no deed, kind word, smile, inspiration that is too small. Do what you can, with what you have in every moment to create a light. Especially when you notice someone in need of a little sunshine.

Be the Change you want to See in the World

This quote inspires me. Sometimes, I think it’s so overused that we stop seeing the message. It’s also associated with one of the most powerful icons for change. So occasionally it overwhelms me! However, you know me, I’m all about baby steps.

We don’t have to change the politics of a nation in order to create change. Change can begin with simple awareness of what we say, what we don’t say, our reactions to others, and our lack of support for things that judge or discriminate.

Be aware in your words and actions. Use your Light to foster peace, acceptance and togetherness.. That’s an easy way to bring about change.

Don’t encourage Hate

Ever. At All. No matter how harmless it may seem.

Notice the things that create an US versus THEM mentality. Usually it begins with what seems to be an innocuous comment or action. Remember,

Every explosion starts with a tiny spark….

Look for the positive

Even in the wake of disaster, I like to believe that we are all Beautiful Souls. Those who create harm are the walking wounded, they are people who need help. We may not be able to steer them towards love. But the more lovingkindness and peace we can bring to the table – the less room we leave for hate. I like to believe that every little bit of Love counts.

It was incredible to see how our nation came together to honor the lives that were lost and the people who were wounded. It was inspiring to see my LGBTQ family and other communities come together in support and solidarity. Let us all remember that perhaps if we share our light one candle at a time maybe we can incite change, love and peace for all.

May You Be Safe And Blessed