Shine Again Chorus meme.jpg

Shine Your Light

After my fabulous eve in photo fairy land on Sunday eve, I rolled over on Monday morning and there was a glaring headline about the tragic events in Las Vegas. My brain froze and I pulled the covers hoping that my sleepy haze would shield me from reality.

When I finally climbed out of bed and checked the headlines for real, my heart sunk and I started to feel disbelief and confusion. I read CNN and started to sense a numbness in my body - shock - confusion -sadness. I am sure that most of you can relate.

Originally I was planning on sharing this chorus and talking about depression. At it’s core that is the place from which “Shine Again” emerged.

I felt it would be irresponsible to write an article this week and not discuss the obvious glaring tragedy that happened this week. At the same time, I realize that we all need a bit reprieve from the darkness. I often struggle with the balance of staying ‘informed’ and also staying ‘sane’ as current events and violence tend to put my spirit in a spin.

How can we learn to embrace hope when things feel bleak?

How is it possible to stay positive when things happen and it feels like there’s little we can do? How to comprehend the violence of one person ‘randomly’ harming hundreds of lives?

As I ask these questions and type, my brain is once again starting to numb. It is like the feeling of a depression - when the world feels foggy and for me it’s like my brain goes offline to a safe place where I don’t feel fully and the slightest upset can push me to emotional tears...

Those are the moments when we have to remember to Shine. Every single star adds a light to the darkness. And often times it takes more than one light to create the path. That’s why it is so important for each of us create just a sparkle, because the magic happens when each tiny spark links together and then together we can illuminate the darkness.

And the same applies on a personal level when we are in the depths of sadness or depression. Hang tight to the those little sparks, those moments or seconds when things do feel OK or something brings a smile. Believe in those glimpses of light. Allow them in. And hang tight to the hope that your light can and will overcome your darkness.

Sometimes it can be like a shooting star when it lights up and suddenly the world feels ok again.

Sometimes it’s a gradual increase like a sunrise. The key is recognizing the light when we see it and allowing its power to Shine.

Sending you Love, Light and Magic,