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'Shine Again' is HERE!

I can’t believe today is THE DAY! Click to hear the new single and see the lyric video (my first one! and it’s homemade by me!)

A HUGE THANK YOU to Women of Substance Radio for Premiering the Single and Lyric Video!

Behind the Scenes of Creating Shine Again

Creating this track was a journey for me. The first round started at a local Nashville Studio over 2 years ago. The track was a beautiful soundscape but it didn’t quite have the new electronica influenced sound that I was dreaming of. It was kind of heartbreaking to have spent that much time and money on something that I felt I couldn’t release because it was missing a piece of my creative voice.

When my coach recommended that I work with Darryl Neudorf, I was super resistant because he was so far away in Canada….. But then of course you’re heard the incredible production on Beautiful. And wow! he hit the mark on Shine Again!

It has been a strange and wonderful experience to have worked on the production using Skype, Zoom, Google Chat and an array of other softwares so that I could view and hear his production session in real time! We’re both technology nerds so it’s been super fun

And I recorded these vocals in Nashville with the incredible Jonell Polansky at DaCapo studios. Then we sent the files to Darryl in Canada. So Grateful - She has created an oasis for vocalists!

When I wrote this song, It was from a place of darkness - depression as well as grappling with PTSD. Music has always been a big part of how I ride out the storms in my life. As this song emerged so did the message to hang in there and keep the faith that storm will pass.

I sincerely hope that if you know anyone who needs some light that you will share the song with them. The lyric video incorporates a bit of inspiration, depression resources and statistics. This release is my first step in helping to bring awareness and healing. When you live with depression or bipolar - it can feel like there is always a storm brewing. For me, it’s important to remember to allow the dark times, they do pass, there is a light out there - and it’s possible to SHINE AGAIN

Embrace the Glow and Listen Here

Sending you much love

Sparkle, Glitter, Glow and Embrace your Light!