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Set Fire to the Rain

Set Fire to The Rain

This is one of my favorite song titles. If you are not familiar, it’s a song from Adele’s “21” record. I had such an amazing time at her show in Nashville last weekend, I wanted to share it with you! see the clip below! Magical virtuoso goddess lighting up the stage Enjoy!

Set Fire to the Rain, What does that mean? Well I can’t get inside the writers brain and tell you what they were thinking. That’s another cool thing about songs, we receive them from the vantage point of what we need to hear in a certain moment. So all I can do is tell you why this lyric speaks to me…..

    Setting Fire to Rain is technically impossible….. (but the metaphor Rocks :)

    And I love the impossible, in lots of ways I’ve lived it many times over. However, here’s what also rocks - the words “I’m Possible” are wrapped up in impossible! Maybe it’s all our perspective. As Disney said “If you can dream it, you can do it” Maybe it’s time we started to believe in the Impossible and the I'm Possible.

    The Imagery is Powerful & Inspiring.... When we set fire to something we burn it out of existence. We have the power to let go of what doesn’t serve us! Sometimes the hardest part is making the decision to let go – and then taking the steps to do that. Believe me, I get it, which brings me to my next point.....

    When the rain falls on our world, sometimes we forget to see the light

    A break up , a loss, a disappointment, etc…. These moments break us open, we become vulnerable to the elements around us, we can lose hope because all we see is the rain.

    It’s up to us to decide that we are going to move on and begin to create our own light again. Sometimes it’s a spark, Sometimes it’s a match and Sometimes we pick up a blow torch. Never forget you have the strength to Set Fire to your Rain.

    I remember about a year ago I was getting out from a pretty toxic relationship. As I set fire to the rain that was falling into my life. First I realized it wasn’t my rain! Someone else had pulled me into their storm! But more importantly, as I began to incinerate my ties to that person 2 amazing things happened. My inner light began to shine brighter AND lighting that match enabled me to burn away emotional patterns that had been holding me back. Pretty Awesome Stuff!

    Let your light Shine On,

    And as I like to say, Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful.

    Talk to you Soon