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Sage Wisdom from a 6 year old!!

When a friend shared this with me on Facebook last week. My first thought was “How is it possible that a young child can have so much wisdom?” I work with kids everyday and they never cease to amaze me with their insights. They have such an incredible sense of intuitive knowing. We silly adults get so caught up in the chaos of life, it's easy to forget the the foundations of positive communication! Besides the fact she is adorable, here are 3 things I noticed


The most effective language is Simple. When we keep things simple? The easier it is to grasp and that makes it easier it for the listener to hear


When we're too focused on saying the ‘right’ thing our real message gets blurred. The beauty I gleaned here, is that she’s speaking Her Truth from her heart and there’s no sense of being self-conscious. But she is at the same time very conscious of her self.


In all of this she shows an unbelievable level of Sensitivity to her mother's emotions. Don’t expect your listener to care if you are callous to their feelings. Be aware and Be kind. She talks a bit about that too!

Enough of me.... ON with The Show!

Magic!!! Right? Amazing how a 6 year old can offer a sane perspective on the crazy that we adults create (and observe how it can spiral into monster-land!!). The overall message is one of age old Wisdom

Be Kind

Live from your Heart

Do Your Best

Keep Things Low (which I interpret as Peaceful)

So, I leave you with those blessings :)

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Til’ then Stay Beautiful