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Return to Sender

Last week I was having lunch with one of my fav girlfriends at one of my fav restaurants (shout out to The Wild Cow in east nash). We were discussing some recent interactions with people that left us feeling ‘less then’ It’s always a twisty feeling when someone we love says or does something that doesn’t resonate with our heart.

Relationships are a tricky business. Sometimes things don’t always go as planned, sometimes we are left feeling hurt and sometimes we are left in awe of peoples kindness.

Humans are unpredictable – our actions aren’t always perfect and sometimes we make mistakes. The key here is how do we live in a world where sometimes actions tear us down and sometimes actions lift us up?

If we shut our hearts then we miss the high moments – if we expect too much then our precious hearts get consistently smushed…..

My Friend shared this simple phrase with me – Return to Sender

As we plod through this universe it’s important to realize that sometimes we get good mail (a kind interaction) and sometimes we get bad mail (negative interaction) Here’s a take that can help you handle and understand the amazing power of Both!


When people act out on us – the important thing to remember is that it usually has nothing to do with US! It’s their BS spilling over into our worlds. It’s a projection of whatever unresolved emotions within their spirit. When this projection happens – it’s a psychic way of passing on a hot potato (their hot potato) for US to carry. And when we love people our reaction is of course to take it on. But Owwwie! A hot potato hurts our hands the same way mean words hurt our spirit. The best thing we can do for our spirits is to return to sender. Don’t take on the stuff that’s not yours to carry. And oddly enough we also do people a favor when we hand them back the potato for them to deal with…..

In this same vein I had a healer friend who used to say to me, “Not Mine to Carry” It’s essentially the same thing. Someone else’s backpack of negative emotions?

It’s not yours to Carry!

When you feel like a target for someone elses chaos? Return to Sender!


There are also times in relationships when it works the opposite way. Someone is sending us so much affection and emotional support wowee! It leaves us flying high! In my mind the same rules apply. Return to Sender. Multiply that heart energy by sending it back. I was recently reading a Deepak Chopra book. And he talks about the energy of the universe being both giving and receiving. He explains that if you want the energy in your life to circulate in a healthy manner you must allow your receive as well to give. Most people usually excel at one or the other.

So Open that Good Mail! And share the love – Pay it Forward or Return to Sender!

Sending you Love, Light, and lots of stamps