Positive ways to Share your Beautiful!

I know I’ve said this before, but the act of sharing is such a powerful way to empower our beautiful. My wise mom used to say to me, there is often a right way and wrong way to do something…. As a kid I rolled my eyes, but now I see how she was right, even when it comes to sharing. So today’s article is a little pep talk on what to do! a little bit ‘bout what not to do and important lessons to remember.


Give without Intention (and Watch the Universe Give Back)

Let me elaborate with a crazy story that happened today. I received an email from a yoga colleague who was looking for donations for a retreat. I wrote back saying that I had an essential oil diffuser. She was SO excited as she had been asking the universe for another one. I called her to set up arrangements to get it to her. We got to talking and turns out she was looking to enroll her son in piano lessons!

Even though my day was nuts with meetings and commitments – I took the time to call and give her something very small. With that tiny act of giving something, the universe gave back to me AND to her AND to her child!!! It made my day!

Let me clarify something here. Our goal should never be to give in order to receive. The magical word here is INTENTION. When we give only because we think it will benefit us? I think we miss the point…. Our true intention isn’t giving…. It is receiving.

When we offer our services, share a smile, do random acts of kindness without an agenda? THAT’s where the magic is


Don’t Expect if you are not willing to give

I LOVE reposting friends projects, supporting their work and helping them spread the word. That is sharing the light! (see below for an opportunity for YOUR music)

Here’s another story that elucidates the flip side of giving….

I received a message on FB from a friend who is promoting a campaign.

It was THE day of the video release, so I said “I would love to help, please remind me next week and how cool we are promoting the same message! Here’s the video I just released” Her response was “Thanks for sharing, I'll watch it later and I will remind you next week to post about my campaign……”

It made me think HMMMM…… You get the point?

We all have times when we can use a hand, it’s cool to ask! However,

in the midst of a conversation when we are asking for someone's support, it’s important to remember the world does not revolve around us and that we can actually foster our goals by supporting other people!

It's also important to remember that there’s enough room in the sky for everyone to be a star!


Know when your giving is dimming your light

Another story for you…. Recently I had a friend who showed up in Nashville, She had lost her home, was nearing broke and needed a hand. I immediately revved in superhero mode gathering resources, buying her clothes, food, finding a temporary place for her stay, etc. I’m not super human, just trying to be a compassionate human. After she settled in and got her bearings, I reminded her of the resources I had given her. She told me to “Back Off.” It breaks my heart that this situation for her has now gotten dire. The point is…. We also need to be realistic about how much we have to give, and accept that when we do our best and our help is not being received? It’s time to let go.

My only intention was to give her a safe haven – it cost me money and time and a lot of emotional energy to step up and offer assistance. That’s OK, when we make that choice for people we love it’s the right one. The point is being clear about what your breaking point is, and knowing when to step away if someone won’t take your help.


Here’s 3 things you can do to share your beautiful

1. Random Acts of Kindness!

Offer someone a smile, a song, a cookie ( I recently did that for a colleague who was feeling depressed :) ), it can be as small a heart emoji text that says I’m thinking about you!

2. If someone asks for your help?

Give it without expectation (and know when to back off when your help is not wanted)


3. I wanted to do something tiny here to help you promote your music. Every day on Social media, I post what I call a Tune at noon with a lyric meme and the artist's name (and site for indie artists) If you have an inspiring lyric that you want to share with the world? LET ME HELP you do it! Just send it along with your name and site – we at team Blis will make the meme and post for you!

I’d truly love to hear from you

That being said?

I’m off to find a random act of kindness…..

Any ideas?

Love You

Stay Beautiful!