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Perfection is Myth

I like to be an avid reader.

Oftentimes life gets busy and it becomes hard to keep up BUT I find that reading is wonderful way to unwind my brain & destress. Lately, I’ve decided to embrace busyness doing the things that I LOVE!

I especially enjoy fiction - escaping into another world - journeying into a story with twists and turns

and occasionally ? I come across beautiful wisdom

Such is the case in the quote I’m sharing below

“It struck her now that maybe she needed to let go a bit more often - to try and yes, occasionally to fail. To accept that life is messy and sometimes mistakes are made. That sometimes they’re not even really mistakes because life isn’t linear and it comprises countless small and large decisions every day ….

Maybe, just maybe,

things weren’t as black and white as she had always believed …

Life was long. Being a human wasn’t easy.”

-Kate Morton "The Clockmakers Daughter"

This passage was a poignant reminder for me. Like the character in the story, I tend to be a perfectionist. Always making sure that everything is 150% before I hit the start button.

What I’ve realized is that life isn’t perfect.

Even the best laid plans will sometimes present the unexpected. I recall a coach who used to say it’s OK take Imperfect Action.

If we stop to wait until the time is ‘right,’ it often keeps us from moving forward.

Maybe? Perfection is a myth.

Perhaps it’s as simple as realizing that sometimes life doesn’t go as we expected. And that the lessons learned along the way are actually designed help us to navigate the path.

Imagine if we lived our life remembering that every step and every experience leads us to exactly where we are meant to be.

Perhaps what we perceive as 'failure' is simply life just pushing us (oftentimes against our will...) in a different direction.

I've also learned that sometimes it’s that unexpected twist that actually lands us in the right place!

There’s no way to see the path clearly from where we

We cannot predict both the joys and the losses that life has in store for us.

The best we can do is plan, embrace the unexpected and make our decisions with intention based on the information we can have in this immediate moment

Serve up your highest good

Stop blaming ourselves for past mistakes. Those are the decisions that have led us to the NOW. And if your NOW isn’t looking like the picture that you want to create. Allow yourself to paint that picture - in full color.

Then? Remember that every vision also comprises shades of grey -

the surprises, the unpredictable & the things that are hazy.

When we expect only black and white, we are bound to be disappointed. Life doesn’t work that way. We live in a complex world. Boundaries are precious but hard lines make us rigid.

Sometimes flexibility & acceptance are really the bests defenses we have when chaos strikes.

It’s important to remind ourselves that it’s not always EASY

And that’s OK. Courage means Bravery - but the root, “Cor” actually means heart.

Living from our true heart? That is Bravery at it’s finest because It takes courage to live a Heart-Centered Life!

Our hearts are precious and delicate. It make sense that sometimes they get a little wounded along the way. But when we allow ourselves to live from that sensitive place, we retain the Courage it takes to get back up again when life goes awry.

Learn to embrace the unexpected

Accept that missteps are part of the game

Stay open to what might be sparkling in the grey areas

Oftentimes surprises are actually hidden opportunities

And don’t be so hard on yourself

‘Mistakes’ and ‘Imperfections’ can sometimes turn out to be the most precious brushstrokes in the picture

That’s todays reminder to myself

And my message to you!