One simple tip to Bring on the Magic of Gratitude

So it’s Thanksgiving! It's a good reminder to take a moment and simply embrace the idea of Giving Thanks.

In many spiritual traditions - the simple act of consciously giving gratitude is seen as one of the most powerful ways to

  • Raise our vibration
  • Incite healing
  • Attract prosperity
  • Create a positive mindset

I’ve also read ….

  • “You can change a sour, angry, sad, negative mood by thinking about 5 things you are grateful for” . This is TRUE - I was a nonbeliever and tried it during an emotional ‘storm’ and it worked!
  • “You can reprogram your brain to be happy simply by recalling 3 things you are grateful for, every day for 21 days”. I don’t know the science of this one, but I will say, my spirit is more positive and contented when I consciously take a few moments each day (usually before bed) to go thru a list of things that I am grateful for.

It’s hard to Imagine that one little word

can be chock full of so much superpower!!!!!

IF it’s SO easy then why do we often still struggle with a negative mindset and limiting thoughts?

Maybe no one ever told us, it was as simple as being grateful for what we have!

So…. This Gratitude thing, how much time, energy does it really take? Some believers say remember to stay in gratitude moment, each moment of every day. That’s kinda like running a marathon for someone who’s never run a 5K. Let’s start by putting on some running shoes!

Begin by being full of Thanks for what you have Today, Now, In THIS moment.

There is nothing that is too small to discount.

Imagine a mindset of taking NOTHING for granted. Even things like soft sheets on your bed, having a bed, having heat or AC in the room where your bed is and a clean pillow that offers a safe place to rest your head ….

Here’s what it boils down to.

When we start to honor the amazing things we already have,

We begin to honor who we are on a deeper level

When We stop taking things for granted,

We can realize the amazingness of all that we have

When we start to appreciate the people around us,

We enrich our capacity to attract more love

(and a bonus is that the people around us feel more love too!)

When we are thankful for everything that we have,

We can begin to slow down and Appreciate our lives

Gratitude helps us to see and therefore embrace the incredible magic we already possess.

We don’t need MORE of anything to be grateful for what already have both inside and around us.

What if we believed we all were already enough?

Take 24 hours and see where that thought takes you!

Sending much Love, oodles of stuffing and plates full of pumpkin pie.

Lots of Gratitude, Joy and Peace of mind,