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My New Definition of Super Human

It often amazes me how life mimics art or how art mimics life. There have been so many times when I’ve written a song about something in my life, then when I sing it years later, the meaning applies to a different situation. At this moment it’s about learning to “Shine Again” but with a different theme.

I am no stranger to grief and loss, yet each time they strike it’s not only a processing of the current chapter but it also brings up the past stories where I have dealt with similar emotions. I had a grave loss last week of the man who was a father figure to me. Seems that each moment feels like a fog but I’m hanging on, slowly stepping back into the responsibilities of life and simultaneously trying to slow down and honor my emotions. Life is often such a balancing act being present for others and also learning to be present for ourselves.

We’ve all heard the quote,“Life is what happens when we make other plans."

As you know my plan was to release Shine Again on March 15th. That day coincided with our regularly scheduled 3rd Thursday concert. I was so excited to announce that we were going to open up the online show to having fans attend and make a soiree of it. Yay!

Then life stepped in and I’m balancing the responsibilities versus reality. This project has been incredibly special and I can’t wait to share the video with you - the message and the art that my videographer, Mike Green, is creating. But I need to be whole to make it all happen!

My usual path is to push through and not slow down to allow my inner processing. But in the spirit of the song - healing and faith - I’ve decided to take a different path - allow, give myself a little extra time to process and release the expectation that I need to be a super human.

So today I am changing the definition of Super Human. Maybe it’s not about being a Super Hero? Maybe it’s not about pushing through our emotions and not giving ourselves time to process. Maybe being Super Human is more about being brave enough to step back and cease expecting ourselves to be ‘perfect’ or forcing ourselves to keep marching when our hearts are weary. Maybe it’s about seeing that it takes more strength to step away from the chaos, to take the time to allow our tears to fall and stop holding our breath so that others won’t see them - breathing into our emotions without judgment and Feeling them so that we can release them. Giving ourselves time to rebuild our lives after loss, navigate the new road without that person we cherished and counted on. Believing that those we love become angels, energy around us, that we can’t see, but trust their love still lives one and creates support around us.

So in the spirit of the New Super Human...

I am super excited to share this new video with you on March 22nd!

If you’re in Nashville and you’ve already donated a backstage pass or your name in the credits package - Just email me back with an RSVP and you’re IN for the private soiree!

If you’d like to join us click here for your exclusive backstage party pass!

And we still have 2 slots left for you TO BE IN the video! https://www.meredithblis.com/the-shine-again-project Deadline for this is Monday March 12th!

In addition, you can join the Shine Again Project with other packages that enable you to make a difference to raise awareness for depression, change mental health stigmas and help those who are in need.

And if you are going through something, I hope this missive and the Shine Again Song (listen here on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud) will help you to hold on and SHINE AGAIN.

Sending a big hug and much love and light.