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Maximize your Beautiful by Minimizing THIS

So, last week I was relaxing on the couch watching one of my fav funny shows…. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Love her!

Through the giggles, I actually garnered an important lesson. The episode featured on a very judgmental type of old lady and let’s say, she was not the most likable character. Kimmy called her out! Surprisingly, the woman responded with tears in her eyes. She said that she was aware of her gossip and criticism of others. It was habit she was trying to change and that she was doing her best to be a better & kinder person.

Somehow this portrayal helped me to see the impact of judgments, as well as the importance of awareness & compassion when dealing with ourselves and others!

Let me elaborate….

We all know that judging others is something that we ought not to do. But for some reason our brains do it anyway. Comments, Silent thoughts, Opinions about how others ought to be or what they should & should not do.

I get it! I’m often guilty of it. It’s something I’m trying to notice more and shift within myself.

Why bother making this shift?

We all could use a little more kindness in our world.

When we begin to show more compassion and love towards others

We also begin too show more compassion and love towards ourselves.

Stopping or minimizing our judgement of others is an easy and powerful way to manifest more kindness, love and compassion. And that equals maximizing our Beautiful!

I think most of us want that! So…. The next question is How can we notice and cease our judgmental brains?

Within myself I notice that my energy shifts when I become negative and judgey. My body tightens and my head starts to race with thoughts. Not Fun!

When we create the dynamic of trying to change others it creates frustration, anger within us. As they say on planes, put your oxygen mask on first. When we harness all of our thoughts on how others should be, we cease thinking about our own well being! We become so busy strangling someone else with their oxygen mask that we forget to use our own.

Conversely when we focus on our own well being, a magical thing happens. Our energy shift creates more joy within and around us.

Negativity begets negativity AND Positivity begets Positivity!

One of the most important pieces to embracing our beautiful is maintaining a positive mind.

Notice your body reaction when you get into critical mode and THEN…

Realize that everybody is doing their best. That means you too! Newsflash here is that no one is perfect. Perfection is a myth!

When we judge others we are also silently judging ourselves. Oftentimes the ‘faults’ that we point out in others, mirror the things that we want to change within ourselves.

Let other people do their thing and learn their own lessons. What’s that old expression: when you point a finger at someone, four fingers point back at you.

Magic happens when we begin to look within instead of judging others. Acceptance offers us grace. When we offer that to others, We are also offering it to ourselves. And once again remember to be KIND especially to yourself. Thoughts are things. What we radiate is what we become.

I think a good way to begin is though awareness, learn to notice your judgmental mode. Let the thoughts go or look deeper at what they are trying to tell you. We can create a powerful shift in our mindset through this simple awareness and releasing the thoughts. Also, remember compassion! Don't judge yourself for judging! Congratulate yourself for noticing ;)

It is Drain to our precious light and energy when we spend time criticizing others. Most of us in this world are too busy anyway. Our brains are already on overload. Lighten your load by eliminating the things you can’t change and the thoughts that don’t serve you.

Stay Beautiful!