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Looking for Beautiful Balance?

One of the reasons I’m touching upon this topic is that Balance is an area I’ve often struggled to maintain in my life. I haven’t shared this yet, but recently I was diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue…. How? Stress and moving too fast have tapped out these precious energy glands in my body. Solution? Rest and Slow down. All that being said, this issue of maintaining balance is really key for me right now, so I thought I’d share some of what I’m figuring out and also feel free to drop a line with your comments! I always love hearing from you!!!

    I like to think of it all as a pendulum…..

    FRANTIC and BUSY on one side and REST and RELAX on the other side. The balance point is peaceful productivity and allowing down time. In todays world this can be a difficult to maintain. We live in a world of extremes. I think that’s why it becomes easy to sway between living too busy and then completely vegging out. We are all unique - The key is findingyour balance point and creating a lifestyle that honors it. Here are some strategies I’ve been thinking about in order to bring my beautiful body back into beautiful balance.

    1. Stop OverScheduling

    Finding balance in every day often means actually planning or incorporating Down Time into our hectic schedules. If we keep pushing on and don’t allow our bodies to recuperate, the price we pay is a system breakdown. Take it from someone who learned the hard way that when we don’t take time to rest, our bodies will do crazy things to force us to stop. My goal right now is to stop overscheduling myself!! It’s been a journey. And like every change in life - It’s a step by step process.

    2. Notice and Nix Stress

    Watch your stress levels. There are so many tiny things that we don’t even realize make our bodies go into stress mode. Yes, there are obvious big things – life transitions, break ups, moves, job changes, etc. Don’t discount those ;) But I’m also talking about the tiny things….. Think of someone pushing your pendulum from a balance to the extreme left. It throws your system out of whack big time. We don’t consider the effect. That’s what happens when little stressors trigger our emotions. Notice them. Acknowledge them. And remove them from your world.

    3. When the pendulum swings too far

    Sometimes the pendulum has to swing to one side for a while. Let’s say you’re preparing for a big event or you have a stressful life transition. During busy times it will hold at the left side. And visa versa, if you’re under the weather or healing it swings to the right. We have to allow ourselves to be IN those moments. But then realize it’s important to swing it back. Don’t stay there. Take a day off after that big event, make your plans to pick the ball back up after down time. We have our days where we need to go go go and it’s important to balance with rest to compensate

    4. Mom’s Advice

    Sometimes the biggest struggle is maintaining the status quo within the structure of a normal day! The good news is that when we study the lifestyles of high functioning people there are consistent habits that we can follow to create a strategy for success. Not surprisingly, they are the things Mom probably told us to do…..

    +Eat your veggies! Or at least maintain a healthy diet. Minimize processed foods and include plenty of hydration.

    +Go to Bed! Get 8 hours of sleep of night and try to get into bed by 10 or at least before midnight

    +Go out and Play! Get yourself some sunshine and be sure to include activities that feed your precious spirit - like time with positive, loving friends & family.

    5. Exercise and Meditation

    I recall reading an article about Richard Branson, when asked about the habits he attributed to his success – his answer was that he worked out everyday….. That always stuck with me. It relieves stress, clears the mind and keeps the body healthy! Remember your body is your beautiful engine and maintaining it is key to staying in balance.

    I’m also a strong proponent of meditation, and that’s one of my personal strategies. This one is also on the list for many successful peeps. It balances the brain and calms the nervous system.

    6. Take Time Off!

    Allow yourself space to des-tress and decompress occasionally. It’s good to revive the spirit. That being said….

    I’m out next week to Harry Potter World at Universal Orlando! Can’t wait to share some wizarding magic with you upon my return.

    Meantime wishing you beautiful balance and bountiful blessings