Living Like a Renegade! 5 tips to help you step into your magic!

Technically a Renegade is (according to Mirriam Webster)

“an individual who rejects lawful or conventional behavior”

I’m not proposing that we ignore the laws of society that keep us safe. However….. what if we took a step back every now and then and followed our hearts instead of following the Rules? Been thinking a bit about how to be a little more 'Renegade" and here's what I've come up with so far!

"Run away-ay with me, Lost souls in revelry,

Running wild and running free, Two kids, you and me"

1. Let your vision run wild!

Then find other Renegades to help you make it happen!

I had a vision for "Shine Again" but it took both Mike Green (videographer) and Jon Karr (photographer) to help me create the fairy world you now see in my pictures and in the “Shine Again” Video.

"And I said hey

Hey, hey, hey, Living like we're renegades

Hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, hey

Living like we're renegades"

2. Surround yourself with the people who make you Shine!

Here’s my little Red Carpet photo with my dear friend & songwriting pal, Bonnie Warren. Words cannot express my gratitude for my friends and for the recent nomination of “Shine Again” by the Tennessee Songwriters Association for “Recording of the Year” Whatever field you are in - Find your fellow Renegades to party with!


"Long live the pioneers, Rebels and mutineers

Go forth and have no fear, Come close and lend an ear"

3. Find your inspiration!

I can’t tell you how inspired I was this past Sunday seeing one of my favorite bands - taking a pic with them - hearing their music live - and watching such an incredible performance. And if you didn't already know, their song, "Renegades" inspired This Post!

Sometimes it’s hard to step away from work and the responsibilities of life. BUT I urge you to do it! Fill your well.

(And shout out to my sweetie for the amazing Vday gift of vip concert tix!!)


"So, all hail the underdogs, All hail the new kids

All hail the outlaws, Spielbergs and Kubricks"

4. Step out of your comfort zone!

Ok, so I’m not exactly a Kubrick or a Spielberg….. But it has taken some courage to step out of being a songwriter chick on piano to being a songwriter chick with a computer, live tracks and multiple midi controllers. And....

This Thursdays show - I will be lifting the veil and doing a little behind the scenes and talking about how I make loops and trigger sounds on the Crystal Ball. If you have any specific asks? Send them along or put them in the chat during the show!

It's our time to make a move, It's our time to make amends

It's our time to break the rules, Let's begin...

5. Share your magic and support others!

This Saturday, 4/21 at 1:45pm, I will be teaching a basic beginner Intro to Ableton Live & The Novation Launchpad Workshop at

World Music Nashville - 7069 US-70S, Nashville, TN 37221

There will also be a Q & A. Cost is $30 (10% discount for people on this mailing list)

use code Renegade

And if being a computer music studio nerd ain't your thing? Where else can YOU begin?

What makes YOU Renegade?

Our beauty shines though when we allow ourselves to be our true self as opposed to the self that we think we should be! And sometimes that means ignoring convention, blazing a new path and having the courage to be different (aka Our Own Kind of Beautiful) On paper it always looks easy.

In real life I don’t think we all have to be a Rock Stars, but I’ve discovered that great things can happen when we step out of our comfort zone (even a tiny bit ;) and push beyond our perceived limitations.

Let's keep our dreams flowing and our love growing!

Hugs and Blessings


*Lyrics from the song, "Renegades" performed by X Ambassadors. Written by Noah Feldshuh, Alexander Grant, Casey Harris, Adam Levin , Samuel Harris. all rights reserved.