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Letting Go and Letting in the Light

Letting Go and Letting in the Light ….

“It was the Best of Times, It was the Worst of Times” lol!

This year for me has felt like an ongoing tornado that threw me from one life drama / crisis to the another

Betwixt and Between my old car flooding and getting totaled, Shakti’s disappearance and the recent theft .... there has also been a fair amount of personal stuff - helping family as well as handling my own emotional well being.

But here’s the crux of it - With the multiple storms that hit - It seems that each one also blessed me with a prosaic rainbow ….. a 'new' car, a 'new' computer, and a renewed faith in the power of miracles :)

However, I’m not here to preach about how things happen for a reason.....

What I’ve been mulling on recently is the idea of a creating clean slate and the power of learning to let sh*t go

We carry so much from year to year and the stuff increases for each revolution we take around the sun

I was starting to feel like, “Damn, it’s too much to keep up with it All!”

I have this image of taking my metaphoric suitcase.

Unpacking the stuff.

And keeping ONLY the essentials.

I believe that learning to travel light helps us to expand our inner light

Maybe It sounds easy BUT in order to trash those suitcases items ....

There's some things we need to look at a little bit deeply, Like .....

  • Learning to let go of the things that have hurt us
  • Saying Goodbye to the things that don’t serve us - habits - people - responsibilities
  • Releasing the ‘shoulds’ that we never really wanted to carry in the first place

The result? We create MORE SPACE in our little suitcases for new opportunities, more joy and clearer purpose :)

I Understand that any process isn’t always as easy as it sounds …. Life is often a work in progress. But, what I’m learning is ….

How to use the word No and to understand that “No” is a full sentence - we don’t need to justify our feelings to ourselves or to anyone else

We're not responsible for solving everyone else’s problems. Sometimes it’s just enough to be present and to listen and to love. We can make a difference for others by simply being there for them. We don’t need to carry their luggage for them.

We can’t control everything. Sometimes we need to choose our battles and sometimes it’s smarter to surrender than to waste precious time on things that aren’t important.

Forgiveness towards ourself and others as well as for the things that didn't pan out in the way we had planned

That’s it’s OK if we're not perfect

Sometimes we get stuck because we fear making a mistake or are frozen from a past misstep. Acknowledging our bravery and our effort is more than good enough!

Maybe the hallmark of excellence is simply having the courage to take the next step forward

And that's gonna be a piece of my new mantra for 2020 - recognizing with every step, I am doing my best and that's enough for now :)

Wish me luck on the journey (lol)

Meantime, I'd love to hear about your inspiring realizations from 2019!!

Wishing you a joyous and beautiful holiday season