Lessons I learned from the lunar eclipse & mercury retrograde

Lately I’ve been feeling a lot of healing shifts. Perhaps it’s just a part of the human cycle that we sometimes need to go within to clear and refocus... Or, dare I’s the result of the recent eclipse. July 27th marked the longest eclipse of our century aka a “Blood Moon Eclipse” (the moon actually appears a reddish-brown color). This was only visible from particular places in the Southern hemisphere not the US. But there’s a pic for you. Gorgeous!

I know that not everyone believes in that sort of thing... However eclipses traditionally bring energetic shifts.

And this past one was a big one.

For this article, I did some deeper research and was thrilled to find that I’m on the right path by with my clearing and contemplating!

So, what is an eclipse?

Most typically we talk about a solar eclipse when the Moon's shadow crosses the Earth's surface, or a lunar eclipse, when the Moon moves into the Earth's shadow.

Or technically:

“An obscuring of the light from one celestial body by the passage of another between it and the observer or between it and its source of illumination.”

Spiritually it can be a powerful time for healing of both our individual selves and humankind.


The energy of an eclipse brings internal examination by illuminating our shadows to help us see what we need to let go and / or it sheds light upon the things we need to see more clearly.

It reveals a path of self examination by holding up a mirror to things both within us and around us. This process of looking deeper can often be daunting but the magic is that it gives us a powerful opportunity for transformation.

When we are able to see the things that we can change it enables us to empower ourselves and also helps us to set our course towards a more loving and positive direction for society at large.

The path is about healing wounds and giving ourselves permission to let go so that we can find our freedom and live in our deeper purpose.

The good news? We can use this opportunity to change our limiting beliefs and begin to live a fuller and more authentic life that is powered by LOVE!

And yes, Mercury is also in retrograde. Retrograde gets a bad rap lol! Yes, it’s not a great time for big decisions or purchases, signing contracts and often it creates some chaos with technology. That being said, it is an ideal time for reflection, taking a step back, connecting with old friends, clearing out the house, and allowing ourselves to slow down!

The synergy of the retrograde coupled with the eclipse energy is a powerful time to listen more deeply, connect with our intuition and manifest.

There are some simple things you can do to harbor the energy of the shifting tides

1. When Mercury is in retrograde - any that begins with RE is awesome

Re-organize, redo, reassess, repair, repeat, redesign, revisit, reflect, reconnect…

2. Meditation with breath or mantra. (drop a line back if you’d like some coaching on how to work with this)

3. Integrating activities like time in nature that give you time to reflect with your souls deeper purpose

5. Connecting with inspiration

Reading and other activities that raise our vibration. We want to stimulate our spirit to reach beyond what we perceive as limitations and open us up to new possibilities!

6. Clear, Clear, Clear

Your home, your body, your mind. By detoxifying what no longer serves us we create room for the new.

7. If you’re in a deep state of letting go or processing emotions, keep the faith that there is light at the tunnel. Find a positive phrase / mantra that elicits what you are striving for.

I’ve been focusing on believing in myself more and trsuting that I have the answers within me.

I’m pretty sure you do too!

I encourage you (and remind myself!) to honor this time of reflection.

Feel free to drop a line back with your insights as well.

Sending Big Love and Many Blessings!