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Is it Possible to Manifest a Miracle?

Is there a science to miracles? New thought authors would probably say yes, it’s all about focusing our thoughts, the quantum field, visualization and mindset. And if it's good enough for a scientist like Einstein well then there's got to be some merit...

The positive part of me has always believed anything is possible but the dubious part of me has always thought, "yeah, great thought, but how can that work…..??"

Below is my tale of a recent miracle in action that I experienced. I wanted to share this story to inspire YOU and also to remind myself that it’s possible for miracles to become our reality ….

On April 9th, 2019 my beloved cat, Shakti went missing. Shakti is an indoor cat with no previous interest of exploring the great outdoors. We’re pretty sure her ‘escape’ was an accident that resulted from a loose window screen while she was basking in the sun on a windowsill.

As I sit here calmly seeing her curled up on the floor - it’s hard to bring my emotions back to the pure panic, anxiety and grief I felt during the time she was MIA.

In my last post I wrote about the kindness of strangers during this tumultuous time. I learned so many lessons and the greatest one was that miracles are possible!

So .... I have given a lot to both the steps I took and the mindset that created this manifestation.

There are a lot of pieces to this story, so I decided a that a little list might be a good way to share. Then the list kept going. So I’ll start today with these and share more the next time we speak :)

1. Allow yourself to be guided by the power of love

You’ll know when you’ve hit your mark, because you’ll feel an energy that’s so strong that nothing will stop you. And you’ll have an inner strength to do things that you didn’t think you were capable of! (Like venturing into crawl spaces, searching the woods at night and feeding raccoons lol)

2. Let Faith be your foundation

I never said IF she returns, I always said WHEN she returns. There was a piece of my heart that knew for certain she would come home. Yes, I had moments of over the top worrying, but I tried day and night to cultivate a spirit of hope and faith. And I used techniques like breath work and EFT to ease me out of moments of doubt.

3. Visualization

I was previously familiar with this technique, but it was always hard for me hold a clear picture. In this instance, I pictured her in my home, I felt myself petting her fur, I imagined her return and felt the tears of joy. This was the first time in my life that I was able to actually experience the emotions from the visualizations. And apparently that’s where the magic of visualization lives -feeling the feelings in the now of what you are trying to manifest for tomorrow.

4. Prayer

I understand this one isn’t everyones thing. But I wanted to include it, because for me it was super powerful - I reached out to God and the Angels and asked them to protect her and bring her home safely to us.

5. I contacted experts and let their wisdom guide me

About 2 weeks in, I was at my wits end - there were so many woods around our apartment (plus abandoned houses!) It was too much for one girl (and friends) to search effectively. It dawned on me - could someone possibly have a search dog who might be trained in this specialty? One Google search later and I discovered a network of trained professionals who deal exclusively with finding missing cats and dogs. So much gratitude to Lisa at The Feline Finders who helped to guide us.

My little miracle is that after 30 days missing we were able to humane trap Shakti on a neighbors porch and ....

Our wonderfluff is home - happy and healthy.

Do you Believe in Miracles? Drop a line back and share!