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How to Rock YOUR Unique and Beautiful Spirit

The opening line of “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful” is this….

“Sometimes I say nothing at all, Speaking up feels too vulnerable, Easier to let silence take the fall”

The core of our beautiful is our unique voice. Yet sometimes we get so trapped in “shoulds” and saying the “right” thing that we stifle our true expression.

A big part of this beautiful project for me has been a reconnect with my inner voice – learning to listen more deeply and allowing myself the courage to speak up. Vulnerable admission here….

Speaking up and not worrying what people think can sometimes be a challenge for me…..

I think there is a delicate balance of saying what we mean and also having a filter that keeps our dialogue respectful. We all know that gal/dude that has no filter and it’s crazy obnoxious.

For those of us who err in the direction of sometimes staying too quiet,

it begs the questions, where did it go? Where did I lose it along the way? And how can I reclaim it?

I came across a quote this week that gave me an interesting answer.

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It’s our experiences that shape us. It’s our history/herstory that either reinforces or disconnects us from our beautiful.

If the voices from our past have told us to Shhhh….. that’s the habit we develop and we stop nurturing our inner voice! Conversely,

If our has never been given a filter, then that’s how we speak and it can be easier to be fearless in our expression.

And here’s another big piece….. sometimes we go through things that disconnect us from our voice. And losing that connection is often a direct result of trauma. Don’t discount that trauma from small life events can be seriously devastating to our expression. I’ve seen students crippled creatively from the experience of having a bad recital or a discouraging teacher. The discouraging teacher thing actually happened to me both as a kid and in college. That’s one of the reasons I’m so passionate about encouraging students and everyone else I meet!

Sometimes we find our voice again by simply finding someone who tells us that we can. But it’s even more powerful when we learn to be our own cheerleader by reprogramming our minds to tell ourselves that we can.

Your mind is powerful thing. It believes what you tell it, good or bad. Joking or serious. Positive or negative. Your subconscious has no filter – it simply accepts everything it hears as truth. So strive to keep your inner dialogues positive!

How can we learn to rock our inner voice and brighten our unique spirit?

Here’s what I’ve discovered….. I’ve found that one of the best ways to reconnect with my voice is to talk to it!




Waving my fairy wand

Negative messages be gone!

Your voice is unique & powerful, So Rock On with your amazing self!

Love. Joy and much beautiful to you!


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