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How to Manifest the Good Stuff!

So many self-help authors, coaches, motivational speakers and those sorts of folks tout the power of gratitude as being a life changing mindset and practice. Many successful people will tell you that consciously being grateful is a foundation to their mindset and success. Why?

Whatever we focus on tends to become our reality.

If you’ve ever read The Secret, Wayne Dyer, Eckart Tolle or Abraham Hicks, you understand that we have the power to attract what we think about.

So how does this relate to Gratitude?

It helps us to instantly click our brain ‘switch’ into a positive mind set. Positive thought and being thankful instantly raises our vibration.

And when we express being thankful for the ‘good’ it brings in more of the good stuff!

Conversely when we focus on the negative stuff and the stuff we don’t want, we can subconsciously perpetuate more of that in our lives…..

So how can we cultivate the good stuff?

Sometimes the simplest things are the most powerful. Here’s 3 easy ways to get started….

Create a Gratitude List

Every night before bed (or morning works too!) write down 3-5 things you are grateful for. Boom! Done!

Begin a Gratitude Journal

Every night before bed (or morning works too!) journal for 10-20 minutes about gratitude & the things you are grateful for

13 Thank Yous

THIS one is my personal favorite. I kinda made it up…..

I worked with an amazing man in NM who had studied with numerous indigenous cultures. At the end of his rituals (lodges, power animal journeys, etc) he would always say

“ Long Life, Honey in the Heart, No Evil and 13 Thank Yous”

Here’s the ritual:

Every night as I lay down to sleep, I create a list in my mind of 13 things I am thankful for. 13 is the minimum. Some days I struggle to hit 13 and some days I’m up to 20 before I know it! It helps me to recount my day – celebrate the good moments – and be thankful for the blessings in my life. Another little tip. I often include a gratitude for things I am working towards that haven’t yet happened. This helps to bring energy and light to that project and intention. I create each phrase like this “I am grateful for ……” This practice encourages me to fall asleep with a positive mindset and give a solid thanks to the universe for the blessings in my life.

Some helpful tips!

I realize that on dark days – it can feel impossible to think about anything good! I’ve been there. Start small. Be thankful for the warm bed you are sleeping in. Be thankful for clean cozy sheets. Be thankful for your pet. Be Thankful for having a computer. Be Thankful for having clean water. There are so many little things we take for granted (especially in the west). Acknowledging these tiny blessings is an amazing place to start. It really opens your mind up to the miracles in your world

And don’t forget the power tip of being thankful for the goals you are working towards -Positive Manifestation rocks!

Bring it On! Create an attitude of gratitude and keep the positive flowing!

Drop a line back - Let me know your favorite gratitude practices and if you try any of the above suggestions, keep me posted how it goes for you :)

Love, Light and Gratitude for YOU,