How to Manifest a Miracle: part 2

Oftentimes, we go through things in life - we process them deeply, gain wisdom and then life keeps moving so our brains move on as well. The experience of recovering Shakti was such a powerful one that I’m striving to continue to bring the lessons learned into my daily life.

In my last update I talked about the plausibility of manifesting miracles

One of my dear atheist pals in New Mexico, said that rescuing my missing cat after 30 days wasn’t a miracle …. She said “Look at all YOU did to bring Shakti back home”

I love my friend and I acknowledge that insight :)

However you choose to look at it,

I think either mindset is relevant to the our ability to manifest or get things done!

To be honest, I was surprised by how the loss of Shakti affected my spirit as well as the level of worry I felt knowing she was out there somewhere, perhaps in danger but I was unable to find her. It’s amazing how we are able to push ourselves to extremes when we are hell bent on achieving a result. And most especially when we are guided by love.

I searched woods, scary cubbyholes underneath apartments, knocked on strangers doors and did things that made me braver.

I like to believe that there is an energy beyond our human selves. But overall it does seem that faith in combination with solid action is a good formula

Meantime? I'm gonna continue on my miracle path for today!

Last time we covered Being guided by the power of Love, Having faith, Visualization, Prayer and Seeking expert guidance. That full article is HERE

And the list continues below ...

6. Adopt a Constant Positive Mindset

Ask any news age guru expert or even most successful entrepreneurs. They will tell you that Mindset is EVERYTHING. I’ve always agreed but I’ve often been unsure about my ability to use that skill towards manifestation.

In this instance - I consistently forced myself to picture her safe and sound. I found ways to calm my inner chaos and focus on her well-being during the moments when my mind would fall into a crazy worry mode and freak out because of cold weather, rain or animal noises (like wolves or coyotes) in the woods. I think in life it’s good to be realistic and assess dangers or negative emotions. BUT if that’s what we Focus on? I believe that’s what we end up manifesting.

7. Create a Plan for your Mission

This key is a little less spiritually inclined. See? I am a sprite who also believes in a solid to-do list :) First, I learned everything I could about Lost Cat behavior. Hard as it was, I accepted that even though she may have heard me in my calling and meowing - she might not come out of hiding. Therefore, I studied the methods that people used (along with expert guidance) to rescue lost animals. Who knew that humane traps, wildlife cams and mackerel juice are a standard protocol in this situation?

This plan was a whole new world to me. So I listened, learned and followed the steps. In addition, I did ALL the tangible things I could think of like Online Forums, Contacting Vets, Posters, Checking shelters, etc....

8. Have Patience

This one is not my forte so whew! there was a learning curve here!

There were so many moments when I wanted the outcome to happen NOW. Day after day I had to remind myself to be patient. There were moments when if I had done things to forge ahead to get results, my actions would have actually derailed the overall mission! Sometimes we need to let go and allow in order to get the job done.

9. Listen to your Intuition

Yes… the experts are the experts…. But sometimes our heart knows the answer. The key is learning to recognize those little flashes and feelings. There are moments when they tell us something that might not make sense to our intellect. And it's important to acknowledge those instincts.

The idea that she may have wandered beyond the standard 50 foot radius led us to set up a camera on a neighbors porch who feeds local strays. Boom, that’s when we saw her!

Standard protocol is to trap in the evening. BUT when the wildlife cam showed her suddenly appearing during daylight hours, we set up the humane trap during the day. Boom, that’s when we caught her!

I also noticed that she tended to appear more often when I Wasn’t around the area :( My intuition said to lay off the ‘helicopter parenting’ (lol!)

As hard as it was, I started to stay away from her turf and do less searching in those woods …. Following that inner guidance helped us to rescue her.

10. Don’t let your setbacks stop you

They are lessons! There were so many false sitings, missteps, and moments of thinking, “If only….” There was the night we got her in a Humane trap and the darn thing was Broken, so she escaped. That was heartbreaking. The key is to Learn from these lessons, Let them Go, and Stay Empowered! Trust yourself, with those lessons learned, you can and will do better next time!

11. Believe that miracles are possible

I’m coming to realize that they actually happen everyday.

It’s like Tinkerbell - all you have to do is Believe :)

If you’ve been following this story then you know that after 30 days missing, my little miracle cat, Shakti is now home safe and sound!

Also, She is thriving, we got the final thumbs up from the vet this week :)

Wanted to share this story to inspire YOU and also to remind MYSELF that it’s possible for miracles to become our reality ….

I’m not sure this is an exact formula - but I do now understand how Success is Not an Accident.


I hope perhaps this insight can help you

Sending Love and Light