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How to Find Magic

Well, the funny thing about magic – you can’t hold onto it…. It’s an energy that exists around us and within us. Sometimes, it’s not tangible, however, we know it when we feel it. We can’t explain it, but it creates an inexplicable shift within us.

The first time you meet your ‘someone’ – That $20 bill you find when moneys tight – That chance meeting that leads to a dream job – Making a wrong turn and finding the perfect place to live - The perfect song rhyme that suddenly pops into your head – you get the point!

The first real step is perhaps really believing that magic exists! I wonder about the Harry Potter phenomenon. Why is it soooo alluring and popular? I’m not sure I have that answer. But I do know that if people like JK Rowling, hadn’t believed in magic and her vision, this amazing world of wizardry would have never come to life…. So that’s a note to us all. The first step to Magic is to believe.

We have to learn to stay open to it so that it can flow thru us. We also need to slow down just enough so that we actually notice it when it appears. Finally it’s important to allow ourselves to embrace it when it appears….

Slow Down...

I think one of the most magical things about vacation is that it gives us permission to Slow Down. Every day we rush here and there and we don’t take the time to notice the steps we take in between. That old saying of “Stop and Smell the Flowers” is sooooo true. Be willing to follow your heart and take occasional detours. If we spend our lives eyes straight ahead and never veer from the expected we are bound to miss the unexpected magic along the way. After all, Magic often lurks in those unsuspecting places.

* for example I found Bliss St by making a detour into Suess-Land. And then? I also got to hang with the Cat in the Hat there :)

Stay Open!

That being said, we also need to stay open to the unexpected. Those chance meetings and discoveries. Notice ‘coincidences.’ Notice ‘gifts’ that suddenly appear on your path. That’s magic my friends! Notice when a name, a place, or a specific something comes into conversation a few times in a short period of time. Notice ‘random’ opportunities or people who appear. New Agey types often use the term Synchronicity. That is a powerful form of real life magic.

Time to Allow…..

We’ve slowed down, We’ve noticed and now what do we do? Listen and Allow.

First we have to hear the message – observe the synchronicity – acknowledge our intuition. Then Allow.

Allowing is one of those crazy things in life that can be super challenging because it’s actually so simple. It’s about doing nothing and giving the universe permission to do the work for you! Accept the gift. Allowing is keeping the faith. Allowing is not pushing back. Allowing is stepping slowly through the fears that block us. Allowing is built on a foundation of trust. It’s about taking a step back and enabling the magic to unfold…….

Now, as for settling back into real life. I’ve put my new wand in an inspiring place to remind me bout magic! I’m doing my best to maintain my existence at a slower manageable pace….. Keeping the faith in today and in the bigger projects I have cooking ;) How Bout You? Where do You Find Magic?

Til Next time,

Sending Pixie Dust, Butterbeer, and Unicorns