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How to Cultivate Peace within and in our World

Life for me, often has synchronicities….

A theme this week was Peace. I was producing a track for a film/tv placement. When I dug up my song to record, the original version incorporated the Prayer for Peace by the Sufi Poet Hazrat Inayat Khan. Then a very talented writer friend of mine invited me to an event where she is going to be singing her version of “Grant us Peace” adapted from Gates of Prayer. I Love my Friends and am so grateful for their amazing creativity that often brings me inspiration.

What Does Peace Mean to You?

For me, it’s a sense of wellness inside - balance that enables me to be calm and joyous within which in turn grants me to be more graceful and loving towards those around me.

On a larger scale it’s about negotiations that serve all humanity - using diplomacy to heal differences and acceptance of all cultures.

How can we become more powerful in cultivating peace around us?

“Learn to become still, and to take your attention away from what you don’t want, and all the emotional charge around it, and place the attention on what you wish to experience….. Energy flows where attention goes.”

(Michael Bernard Beckwith)

Powerful tides of change are sweeping our nation and our world right now. I think we have a choice to focus on what makes us disparate or focus on common goals that serve all humankind. It saddens me greatly when I witness angry divisiveness between people. When we focus on hate we perpetuate hate and more divisiveness. My hope is that we can heal our divide by focusing on love, positive connection and working together for the common good.

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Let’s use our thoughts and our hearts to turn the tide and focus on peace for all humankind.

Stay Beautiful and May You Shine On in Peace