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How to Add a Little Grace to your new year

I can’t believe that a few weeks ago I wrote how happy I was to be releasing the chaos of 2019 and moving into the New Year with LIGHT

When I mentioned the whole idea of letting go - I was referring to the things that we Don’t cherish.

The things that we LOVE are the precious things that oftentimes we fight to hold on to … and then sometimes, we're then reminded that we can't always win every battle.

Those of you who’ve been on this list for a while know all about my beloved Shakti Cat

You may recall her adventures from last spring where she went missing for 30 days. And miraculously we found her again!

It breaks my heart to have to share that as a result of a kidney complication, we had to say goodbye to her last Monday.

(we also discovered that Shakti the wonder cat only had one kidney!)

To be honest, it's hard to talk about it. I’m finally emerging from the fog and maybe even feeling stronger day by day

But It’s hard to feel a full fledged woot woot Happy New Year!

I could choose not to share what's really going on, BUT I think it’s important to keep things Real.

So maybe the question is, how can we stay true to our feelings & take care of our hearts during tender times without pushing our pain on those around us ?

The word that come to mind is GRACE

Because these sensitive times are the moments when we must remember to have exceptional grace towards ourselves

Grace means understanding

Grace means kindness

Grace means allowing ourselves to get angry & feel our feelings

(without acting out & hurting ourselves or others)

Grace means accepting love

(and allowing those who care about us to nurture our weary spirit)

Grace means giving ourselves permission to slow down & heal

Grace means taking a time out when we need it

Grace means accepting that it’s okay to not be okay

Grace means believing that maybe there is a Lotus lurking somewhere around the impenetrable emotional mud

Grace means unconditional Love

Then, I wonder to myself - why should it take harrowing moments for us to remember to let in the magic of grace

Perhaps the message to self is that Grace is something that we need to carry in our pockets a bit more often. For ourselves and for others.

I also like to think that grace is something that we can share with those around us. It’s not something you SAY - it’s also way a being. Oftentimes we judge based on our perception of situation. I find it’s a powerful to remember that we never know from outward appearance what might be going on inside another persons heart

Having Shakti in my life for 8 years was a blessing, an honor and a JOY

I’m learning to live day by day and take baby steps to keep me keeping on without my beautiful fuzzball

Each day does get easier, but in the moments when I’m feeling blue - I’m slowly learning to offer myself a little more Grace ….

I think that is a powerful step into the new decade ….

May your New Year be filled with love, light, and all things Graceful

Big Love