How A Star is Born

“For a star to be born, there is one thing that must happen: a gaseous nebula must collapse. So collapse. Crumble. This is not your destruction. This is your birth.”

While searching for bday quotes - specifically “Trip Around the Sun”, I came across this gem by poet, Zoe Skylar.

The beautiful words really struck a chord with me. Pieces of my life, certain weeks, even years have felt to me like the mythological phoenix melting to nothing then somehow rising from the ash. Or the prosaic butterfly - the awkward caterpillar climbing deeply into a cocoon, thinking this was her final resting place and then somehow a magical butterfly emerges.

All too often we run from life, we hide from the messy moments, we dampen the pain only to realize maybe those acute moments of chaos ARE LIFE. It’s a cycle…What would things look like if it all stayed the same? Perhaps we have to disintegrate in order to let go of the things that dim our light.

Those moments when we emerge again as the glorious phoenix or the gorgeous butterfly are the result of the meltdown, the hibernation, the healing of raw emotions and our ability to embrace the shifting tides of our life cycles.

The key is keeping the faith - having the courage to look towards the future when the present is collapsing around us. Keep the faith, you will emerge - your inner light is stronger than the sun - even if in this moment, the moon is casting it’s shadow. Believe in your heart, You Will SHINE AGAIN.

I shared this quote today because it’s message is the heart of Shine Again. The song portrays the sadness the often emerges in the midst of our dark moments. I look forward to sharing it for depression awareness and healing. I hope it will be a tool of inspiration for you or those you love - a simple reminder of our inner light and a spark of hope that the darkness will pass and you will “Shine Again”

Sending you:

Big Love,

Big Hug,

and a Sky Full of Stars.