Hold On To The Spark

In my past posts I’ve alluded that ‘Shine Again’ was written from a place of feeling dispirited. In those moments it can feel like we are under water - simply surviving and looking at the world around us.

It can almost feel like a fish bowl...Being stuck under water, it’s hard to breathe, it takes strength to move, and we are simultaneously in the world but our spirits feel completely separate from what’s going on around us. We become observers - if we reach out, we can almost touch the magic around us, yet our heart is so heavy, we are unable to feel it. If you’ve never been there, it’s hard to explain - If you’re stuck there, it’s hard to explain and it can be so isolating from those around you, even those you love and are most connected to.

It’s like the cold in the tundra is in our veins as we watch the snow fall i.e.: life keeps moving - people joyous around us - their energy grazes our delicate spirits. We marvel at their smiles and wonder if we will ever feel that light again.


There is hope at the end of each winter

There is light after the darkness

And my passionate hope is that I can get this song out there to help people keep the faith and hang on to the spark in moments of sadness and clinical depression.

Too many of us struggle and suffer with a fake smile surviving each day. I want to let people know IT'S OK. I want to remind myself that when I’m feeling the darkness IT’S OK. There is a light.

Let us watch the snowfall - Let us marvel at the grace - Let us embrace our courage - Let us keep that tiny spark of hope alive. And support each other on this journey :)

Stay Beautiful.

Be Blessed.

Shine Your Light.