Happy New Year Thoughts

As the new year comes upon us - we get bombarded by our culture to resolve to CHANGE - and based on a glance at my email box - it seems there is huge industry based on helping people to become brighter, bolder, more successful, better at this, less of that - and all about things that help to create a NEW “YOU”.

Imagine if instead we took a step back and resolved to accept ourselves… we resolved to listen to our hearts….we resolved to slow down …we resolved to simply allow ourselves to be who we are?

New Years resolutions for me have always insinuated that there is inherently something deficient within. I’m not doing this, I need to do that, If only I could...

What if instead of berating ourselves for whats not 100% we slowed down the freight train and embraced our strengths!!! There’s so much stress in our world to achieve and be better. What would it look like if we simply allowed ourselves to BE.

The only thing that ever stays the same is CHANGE. It’s constantly around us in the world, our relationships, our communities and the evolution of our souls.

How can we stay solid as the tides constantly shift? You are all you have. You are the boat on that rocking and swaying ocean - it’s scary sometimes and it’s important to learn how we can stay grounded and what that grounding means to us as individuals.

Here’s the trick - I think finding our center is a different journey for each of us. I’ve learned recently that in this time and space, my balance comes from having sufficient rest plus a solid yoga/meditation practice. I manage to steer my boat most effectively when those things are in place. In addition I need time for creativity / music making! as well as quality time with friends whom I love being around.

Perhaps instead of looking for change outside ourselves in order to create more harmony in our lives - we can use this as a time of reflection - look within.

What are things that keep your boat balanced?

What are the things that bring you joy?

Bring more of THAT on board for 2018. When we manifest more light, more peace within, I like to believe that the things we want will naturally begin to manifest around us.

It’s not about changing ourselves. It’s about learning to love ourselves and BE ourselves.

That’s why sometimes I think the mindset of New Years Resolutions suck….. I’d like to challenge myself to move toward joy, stoke the fires of the things that positively set my heart on fire and simply allow myself to Be.

I believe we are all a magnificent work in progress - Embracing Joy is a big shift for me. I will keep you posted how it goes!

Meantime, you do the same. Let me know what's cooking in your world these days!

Sending you light and love.

Shine On,