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Happiness Is... (by Charlie Brown & Meredith Blis)

Well, this little quest started last weekend with a movie that inspired me.

Hector and the Search for Happiness”. It really got me thinking!

As I am sitting here to write, I have so many thoughts to share! I know this study could go on forever… However, I’m just gonna start simple with an unlikely philosopher named Charlie Brown. Because, this morning, the song , “Happiness” from one of my favorite shows, “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown,” (music & lyrics by Clark Gesner), started running in my head. Must be a sign that perhaps the Peanuts gang has some insights?

Realization #1

Happiness might be a Different things for Different people…..

“Happiness is

Charlie Brown: Finding a pencil

Snoopy: Pizza with sausage

Linus: Telling the time”

Linus thinks it’s being able to do a grown up thing,

Snoopy is convinced it’s about food ;)

And for Charlie Brown? Finding a chewed on pencil that belongs to the red-headed girl is a sign that it’s gonna be an awesome day!

Conclusion: Happiness is Perspective – Depending on who you are and what you are looking for. What’s YOUR Happy?

Realization #2

Happiness is created by learning new skills and accomplishing goals

"Schroeder: Happiness is learning to whistle

Linus: Tying your show for the very first time

Sally: Playing the drum in your own school band"

For most of us tying our shoes ain’t no big thing, but for a little kid that’s a big moment! Studies show that when people are engaged in learning new activities and actively taking steps towards accomplishing new skill sets. Guess what? They are HAPPY!

Whether it’s whistling, learning a new language, writing your novel, or improving your basketball game….

Conclusion: Happiness is engaging in activities that make us Happy and staying engaged in active learning.

Realization #3

Some excitement is good for us!

"Charlie Brown: And Happiness is walking hand in hand

Happiness is 2 kinds of ice cream

Lucy: Knowing a secret

Schroeder: Climbing a Tree"

Once again the excitement depends on perspective. For Charlie it’s the butterflies from the red-haired girl and TWO flavors of ice cream. Much more thrilling than just one scoop! For wild little Lucy, it’s knowing something secret and for Schroeder climbing a tree gives him a ‘buzz’.

Conclusion: Doing things that give us a little thrill and spark lift our spirits. Chemically they help to stimulate adrenaline as well as feel good hormones and the result is a sense of Happy! (Note here: adventure junkies keep this one in check…. Telling that secret or Jumping out of the tree? will probably result in nothappy….)

Realization #4

Having Choices & Making Good Ones

"Charlie Brown: Happiness is Five Different Crayons

Schroeder: Catching a Firefly, Setting him Free"

When we have a sense of independence and control in our lives it enables us to live up to our full potential. The more Crayons, the brighter the picture! When we’re boxed in it, literally or figuratively, destroys our sense of expansion. Freedom of choice helps our ability to do Kind Things for others. Schroeder gets it, he sets the firefly free!

Conclusion: Having Choices brings more light to our lives and also helps us to share that light energy with those around us

Realization #5

Self Care is King or Queen

"Charlie Brown: Happiness is being alone every now and then"

Conclusion: We all need some down time to recharge occasionally and face the world. It enables us to be our best self.

Realization #6

Community is important for our consistent happiness.

"Everyone: And Happiness is Coming Home Again

Linus: Happiness is having a sister

Lucy: sharing a sandwich

Lucy & Linus: Getting Along

Charlie Brown: For Happiness is anyone and anything at all that’s loved by you

All: Happiness is singing together when day through and Happiness is those who sing with you"

Happiness is Togetherness – showing love and receiving love from those around us. There’s an awesome documentary called “Happy” and the...

Conclusion: from that project is that the people who have a supportive community & strong bonds of connection are regularly the most content.

Realization #7

Happiness is a choice we make.



Happiness is choice that oftentimes we have to remind ourselves to make, Consistently.

Conclusion: I know it feels that being Happy, takes on a little more complexity than climbing a tree or choosing crayons… OR Maybe it doesn’t. Perhaps a big piece of happiness is simply embracing and appreciating the little things.

I hope these little tips and this little song will give you some tips of where to go and how to reach out in those moments when you’re searching ;)

Drop a line back with your thoughts!

Sending you Love, Light and Happy,