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Create A Deeper Sense of Peace and Grace

Now, I don't claim to have the answer, but I am really excited to share with you, some insights that I gleaned from last weekends workshop.

What Is Oneness?

The Oneness Movement/Concept began in India. It’s not a religion, it’s not a cult – it’s just a way of living with more truth, consciousness, and joy. Sounds good right?

The reality is that a shift in consciousness occurs when we realize we all share the state of being human and we’re all in this together. We are One being.

Our human minds have created an illusion of separateness because of both

conditioning and as a survival mechanism of the ego. When we live with a deep sense of separateness from each other, this state of mind creates confusion, loneliness & emotional pain.

One of the lessons here is that oftentimes, what goes on within us is a mirror of what is going outside of us.

We fight under the pretext of They are different from me... Often this thought mirrors the judgment, intolerance, hatred that humans have cultivated on the inside for other humans. The large scale result is war & extreme violence between humans.

On a small scale, our individual anxieties and thoughts create the world around us. We feel stressed and out of control our actions will often create stressed and out of control situations in the immediate world around us as well as stressed and out of control reactions from the people around us. Just noticing these patterns (we all have em ;)) can create huge changes!

I love this Rumi Quote….

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today, I am wise, so I am changing myself”

It all begins with the shift of each individual mind. It’s an exciting time of transition in our planetary consciousness! And I believe that as each individual takes a step forward in their path of grace, it helps to create a higher vibration in the collective consciousness.

How does Oneness give us tools to do that?

It’s pretty simple actually – yay!

It’s called Deeksha which translates as blessing.

The Deeksha blessing is a transfer of energy (somewhat similar to Reiki, but a different modality) where the practitioner places their hands on someone’s head for approximately a minute. The result actually creates changes in neuro-brain chemistry, helps create a greater sense of peace, and also helps to release past negative thought patterns. Sounds crazy right?

Well, remember, I am originally from New York so sarcasm & skepticism are in my DNA…… But I can tell you it’s been an amazing ride with some very happy shifts in my world as well as for the people with whom I've shared this blessing.

Happy to share it all with you too!

Drop a line back and I can send it your way remotely or find me around town :)

Til’ Next Time

May you be blessed with Peace, Joy and Grace

XO Meredith